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Netflix is missing quite a few episodes of the 1972-77 show "Emergency!", including many of the Season Finales. Unfortunately, Amazon Video doesn't have it (though they do have it on DVD), and it used to be on Hulu but it seems to also be gone from there. We'll keep an eye out for if it shows up to watch online. Thanks to Lisa for pointing this out in the comments:

Emergency! on Netflix

Season 1:
Episode 3 - "Mascot" missing - showing two other episodes instead.

Season 2: In order

Season 3:
Episode 22, Season Finale - "Inventions" missing

Season 4: 
Episode 10 - "Camera Bug" missing
Episode 11 - "The Firehouse Four" missing
Episode 14 - "The Bash" missing

Season 5:
Episode 10 - "Simple Adjustment" missing
Episode 16 - "The Girl on the Balance Beam" missing
Episode 18 - "Above and Beyond...Nearly" missing
Episode 19 - "Grateful" missing
Episode 22, Season Finale - "The Nuisance" missing

Season 6:
Episode 1 - "The Game" missing
Episode 18 - "Firehouse Quintet" missing
Episode 21 - "Limelight" listed out of order as Season Finale
Episode 24, Season Finale - "All Night Long" missing

Update September 25: Thanks to Jason for pointing out that Season 1, Episode 3 is missing; we updated the post.


  1. I'm looking at Emergency! on Netflix right now. Season 1 episode 3 is missing.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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