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Hi NetflixFixers,

You probably already know that Netflix has been seriously cracking down on DNS and VPNs that allow people outside the US to connect to the American version of Netflix (including active military serving overseas as well, unfortunately). We've continuously posted free DNS codes that we find, and that users of the site send in - remember you can comment anonymously.

When those started getting shut down quickly, we looked around for solutions, trying various smart-DNS and VPN solutions. Now we're using StrongVPN (please click here for a coupon code for 15% off), because that's the only thing consistently working for us currently; the client is easy to use, and they even have a Chrome plugin.
  • Smart-DNS: Computers don't actually go to "", they ask a DNS server what the IP address of is and go to that address to find it. A Smart-DNS tells Netflix that someone in [enter country here] is looking for instead of where they really are.
  • VPN: A "Virtual Private Network" actually lets you connect to Netflix through the server, and the server is located in [enter country here]. This is much harder to shut down, because it looks like any other computer connecting to the service. Sure, it looks suspicious if loads of people start connecting from the same place, but university dorms, and sometimes whole neighborhoods share an IP. Of course Netflix employees could just buy a membership and see what IP they connect to...
So unfortunately Netflix has taken the upper hand in the cat-and-mouse game again, and people's experience using any VPN or DNS has been inconsistent at best. Sometimes it works for a while, then stops loading things at the beginning of the stream. Other times it directly tells you that they detected in Unblocker:

Rather than giving up, we've kept trying out different VPNs to see what works for us - and what would keep working for more than a few weeks. StrongVPN has worked for us since we started using it in early July. It's really easy to use with this client, just pull down the list to the country you want to connect to, and click "connect":
There are currently 42 VPN servers in the pulldown list, and more are being added.
So that's what we're currently using, and if you're still hunting for working American Netflix access from other countries, we recommend checking out Strong with our 15% off coupon code. We're still updating our free codes as they are reported (which is not that often these days), and we're not against Unblock-Us, or OverPlay - this is just what's working best for us currently. We appreciate if you let them know we sent you by using the coupon code above, thanks!

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