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Bob Ross comes to Netflix US today!
But which episodes are these? We looked them up:

Bob Ross - "Beauty is Everywhere" - Collection 1 on Netflix:
S20 E06 - Cliffside
S21 E07 - Wilderness Cabin
S21 E01 - Valley View
S22 E07 - Dimensions
S22 E08 - Deep Wilderness Home
S20 E11 - Change of Seasons
S22 E11 - Pastel Seascape
S20 E10 - Wintertime Blues
S21 E04 - Serenity
S22 E13 - Silent Forest
S23 E01 - Frosty Winter Morn
S21 E03 - Royal Majesty
S20 E09 - Winter Paradise
S23 E03 - Mountain Ridge Lake
S21 E02 - Tranquil Dawn
S23 E11 - Frozen Beauty in Vignette
S20 E10 - Days Gone By
S23 E13 - Winter Bliss
S21 E06 - Mountain Rhapsody
S23 E02 - Forest Edge
S20 E08 - Old Oak Tree
S23 E12 - Crimson Tide
S21 E05 - Cabin at Trail's End
S20 E07 - Autumn Fantasy
S22 E12 - Country Creek
S22 E09 - Haven in the Valley
* "S20 E06" = Season 20, Episode 6

Bob Ross - "The Joy of Painting"

Seasons 20-24 Free with Amazon Prime:
Season 20 - Missing episode 1
Season 21 - All episodes
Season 22 - All episodes
Season 23 - All episodes
Season 24 - All episodes
*Affiliate links show Amazon we sent you, but they're still free.

Seasons 20-25 with Hulu subscription:
Seasons 20 - 25 - All episodes

Seasons 1-14 free on YouTube, official channel:
Seasons 1-13 - All episodes
Season 14 - It looks like the official Bob Ross is currently uploading Season 14, and will probably continue with 15-19. You can find 14 in their recent uploads that haven't been added to a playlist yet.

Seasons 15-19, and 26-31 are not currently available anywhere officially, but you can search for the episode you're looking for on YouTube and usually find a low quality upload. All seasons are also available on DVD from, along with the official paints, brushes, etc.

Here's an Imgur album of the finished paintings from every episode:

The reason we're so excited about this is that we started painting along with Bob Ross after seeing all his episodes streaming on Twitch. We bought the gear and had a great time painting together, with more to come. Here's our Bob Ross collection so far:
First painting! Season 23, Episode 11 - Frozen Beauty in Vignette
#2: Season 6, Episode 4 - Whispering Stream
#3: Season 31, Episode 11 - Lake at the Ridge w/ Steve Ross
Latest: Season 27, Episode 1 - Twilight Beauty
Happy Painting!

Update: We just finished our 5th Bob Ross painting, Season 2 Episode 4, Shades of Grey! Bob painted this after a fan told him he was color blind and couldn't discern the colors. Again, all the Season 1-14 episodes are available free on the official Ross YouTube.

Season 2, Episode 4 - Shades of Grey

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