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[No Spoilers]: HBO dropped their Red Band trailer for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and it looks amazing. If you aren't caught up on the series, you'll need to avoid spoilers yet again. Clips from the trailer are currently playing on HBO GO and around the net, and they include major plot spoilers including character death spoilers! Our roommate is catching up on the series currently (as we only recently got access to HBO GO), so she was incredibly unhappy to see a dead character spoiler shown before the show - ridiculously spoiling the later episodes before earlier episodes.

[Spoilers]: Here's the trailer:


  • More Melisandre boobs,
  • Everything is an acoustic guitar cover and I'm ok with this,
  • "I choose violence" Franken-Mountain hype, 
  • Bran and the white walker (walking?), 
  • Arya the blind badass, 
  • Khaleesi as a poor person again, 
  • Onion Knight fights,
  • Here's a screencap of 1:17 from Chazmer87 on reddit, showing something that... might look like John Snow on horseback??

The show is definitely taking the lead ahead of the books as George R.R. Martin writes at a glacial pace (take your time, George) so it's incredibly exciting to be breaking new ground against those dirty book readers.

Our feelings wrapped up by Wirly on reddit:

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