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Update 1/22/16: It seems they really are blocking some Unblockers. We'll keep you updated on our DNS codes post when we have more updates about getting around them. For now, make sure you don't log in in one country, then immediately change to another, as they seems to obviously tip them off. Try to only use Netflix from one target country if possible.

As DablinPolarius on reddit puts it: "Move to the US.
Or practically, wait for your unblocking provider to come up with a solution. It's only a matter of time as the whole affair is a practical cat and mouse game and its inevitable Netflix's new blocking mechanism will be defeated."

Bv202 on reddit posted his conversation with Unblock-Us today after Netflix "vowed" to shut down unblockers. The text is as follows:
Thank you for contacting us today!
We are aware of the announcement and should our service be affected at any time, we will make adjustments. Presently, there is nothing to be concerned about as everything is working properly. It is our mission to provide you with open and free access to content from anywhere around the world.
As you can see, Netflix doesn't seem to have shut anything down, and if they do, Unblock-Us is ready to make adjustments. I wouldn't be too worried unless you start to hear about mass bannings, which seems unlikely, as those are paying Netflix customers who just want to watch movies on the service.

We still support Unblock-Us and aren't having any difficulties so far. Hopefully content owners will learn soon that if they work to stop people from accessing their shows, paying customers will just go to illegal downloading. That doesn't seem too likely though...


  1. Please put season six out on 90210 I can't wait

  2. I need season six out on 90210 so badly!!

  3. It seems they started blocking DNS changers.


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