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Dear NetflixFixer readers,

You've probably noticed that there's a pretty big lack of new working DNS codes to connect to the American version of Netflix to see all the great shows only available in this region. Unfortunately there just doesn't seem to be as many server operators willing to let people connect any more. In light of all the people finding us and being disappointed that nothing seems to work, we thought we'd update you about what's going on.

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 Why DNS codes stop working

So what is it about them that makes it so hard to find working codes? The answer is that they stop working very frequently. Why is that? It's pretty simple, really:

  1. Someone finds an American DNS server address that will let the public connect to it.
  2. They post about it online.
  3. Thousands of people stream Netflix through it.
  4. The server operator either realizes they mistakenly opened their ports, or they did it on purpose but realize it's too expensive to keep them open. -or- The server can't handle all the traffic and slows down to a crawl or won't even allow new connections due to the high traffic.
That is, unless it's one of the times something more nefarious going on.

Nefarious DNS services

You may have noticed that there are a whole bunch of references to "Playmo codes" in the comments of our two posts [1], [2]. In fact, if you the DNS codes we've posted into your browser, you'll see that some of them automatically forward to a website called "Playmo" (Note: we aren't posting a link because we don't want you to go there. Read on for our reason why before you search for the address and check them out.) This is a more nefarious version of what goes on above:
  1. Services that offer paid DNS codes to allow you to connect to Netflix open one of their ports and their employees "leak" the codes to users on a site like this.
  2. Users post that everything is great, these codes give access to the American version of Netflix, are fast, and free. It gets used widely.
  3. These nefarious services close the port, instead making it forward to their website.
  4. Unsuspecting people follow the link and a certain percentage of them start paying for the DNS codes that used to be free.
We don't want you to fall for this! We understand that codes are sometimes hard to find due to the reasons in the first list, but we are staunchly opposed to paying them for this underhanded tactic to bring in new users. This isn't a post about why you should use our referral link to a non-nefarious DNS provider if you decide it's worth $5, but if you're looking for a link, we do support Unblock-Us who doesn't engage in these kinds of tactics.

So what now?

We are still scouring the web for new codes, and we'll continue to post them when we find them. Earlier today we updated American Netflix DNS Codes Roundup Pt.2 with the one code that was reported working, but we understand that it can be frustrating constantly trying codes that don't work. In the meantime, please post any codes you find in the comments (you can post anonymously) and we'll add it to the main post. You can also get in contact with other NetflixFixers directly on our Facebook page. When we do find some good codes, we'll send out an email to our newsletter which you can sign up for on the right side of this page. We promise not to spam you, as we only occasionally send out a newsletter when we have important updates.

Until then, we're going to get back to our original purpose for a while: finding the right order for shows that were posted out of order on Netflix. You can expect some updates with the newest episodes that are out of order, listed on the left side of this page. Thanks for sticking with us while we try to help improve your Netflix experience!

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