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Some typical "customer support" from Comcast ISP, charging a man $180 for something he can prove didn't happen, with a recording of the Comcast agent telling him he won't be charged. He even plays the recording of the agent telling him he won't be charged, and the manager tells him that "it is not possible to credit" the charges back onto his account. Finally after fighting tooth and nail and getting his refund, he asks, "You're telling me that if I didn't have a recording of that call, you wouldn't have been able to do it, is that correct?" She responds, "Yes that is correct, yes."

And that's how a monopoly works folks. ISPs stay out of each other's areas so that you only have one choice, and that choice can do whatever they want to you. They tell the government that they aren't a monopoly because there is a separate ISP for each area.

The moral of the story: always record your interactions with big companies. When you hear the message that "this call may be recorded for customer service purposes" that means it's perfectly legal to record it, even in "two-party" areas. A great method is given in the video: use Skype to call customer service lines, and record that. That way it's easy to record, and you can mess around on your computer while you wait on hold for an hour.

Thanks Reddit

Update: Another video is going around with Comcast putting someone on hold for over 3.5 hours... until their offices closed. They just literally left him on hold and went home.

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