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Lots of people visit asking about how to access the American version of Netflix from Canada, the UK, and elsewhere. We've consistently tried to keep up to date with the latest free DNS servers available, first in our DNS Codes for Netflix and our "Part 2" version; but that thread is already at 687 more comments in the two months over 1000 comments since it was posted, with lots of updates as we've confirmed new working codes.

We realize that these constantly changing codes might be frustrating some NetflixFixers, always playing a cat and mouse game with the servers when you just want to watch a show. We've written at length about different services you can use to get around country restrictions, including Hola, MediaHint, Anonymoux, and others. Unfortunately, most of these services have let us down at various times after we posted about them. There was a wave of Chrome plugins being bought by spammers that started interjecting ads into your regular web browsing sites - which is unacceptable. Hola was even found to be using user's connections as TOR exit nodes - an incredibly dangerous activity.

That's why we're moving to Unblock-Us.

For $5/month after a one week free trial you can connect to Netflix and other streaming sites from whichever country you want. After using it for these past months, we highly recommend it.

Click the image to try Unblock-Us free
Being subscribed to /r/Netflix, this site has come up over and over again with positive comments from people sharing what they use when asked about getting around country restrictions. We resisted it at first because it is a paid service (about $4.99 currently after a week free trial), but we finally decided to try it out and it works great. It seems that by paying a small amount per month, you can get around the common problems with constantly changing codes, slow servers, Netflix not working, etc. It makes sense really - every time we post a free DNS server, thousands of people connect to it and start streaming HD movies through a single connection. It's no wonder it either slows way down, Netflix blocks it, or the admin takes it down. It just makes sense, so we asked around, tried it out, and are ready to endorse Unblock-Us. Just click the image to the left to get a free 7 day trial, this is an affiliate link that tells them we sent you.

We will still support the people looking for updated free DNS codes. When they're up, we'll spread the word; when none are available, we'll keep looking while we use Unblock-Us for our own streaming :)

TL;DR version (too long; didn't read):
- It's hard to keep up with the latest free DNS servers for American Netflix (though we will still keep updating them)
- Web plugins we previously recommended got bought by spam companies and started hijacking their user's connections.
- We now recommend Unblock-Us if you don't want to put up with the hassle of constantly finding new DNS servers.


  1. So I just tried unblock us. It says plain as day on their front page when I clicked on their link that's it's free for one WEEK not a month.
    Works on Apple TV but not on iPhone so far.
    Still, one week versus one month is grossly misleading and hardly enough time to determine good service and trustability with payment information.

    Isn't this basically the same thing everyone has been complaining about on here? Pirates buying DNS and then selling them? How can we know how trustworthy they are? Seems like everyone eventually goes aray!

  2. I saw the difference too. Not cool. Has me worried too, about giving my card info. However I do a lot of the military people here in Germany use it.

  3. Yes you're right, it's quite frustrating, but not right about the streaming "through one connection" the DNS is just a name server, answering ip-requests for a particular domain name, it doesn't stream anything, it just provides the corresponding IP address. /Cheers

  4. Want it free without any fee? TorBrowser works fine here (Qc, Canada). Just have to log on each time I launch the browser, but it's hassle free. So I can have Canada's Netflix version on Chrome and USA's Netflix version on TorBrowser! TorBrowser is a non-profit org easy to find and downloadable for free and without any ads.

  5. Guys, download chrome extention ; hola! Changes sites to USA allowing american Netflix. Also available on googleplay!

  6. Yes but you can't download a browser when using an Apple TV, iPhone or iPad. You use netflix via a direct netflix app. Apple TV comes with it already installed and iPhone and iPad you have to install it for free from the App Store.
    On an iMac, I suppose I could download chrome but I prefer to stick to apples browser, safari. Anyways, I don't watch tv at my desk. Makes no sense when you have an Apple TV on your big screen tv lol. As well as netflix on the blue ray on our other flat screen which also does not have a browser.
    (I am the one who posted the first comment btw).
    I did finally get it working on my iPhone, though it took a bit of fiddling and 3 reboots. I would certainly NOT want to be switching back and forth between Canadian and US Netflix on my phone as I do on the Apple TV since It's easy enough to change the DNS code and reboot. But on the iPhone you have to change the DNS, which didn't work at all at first until I took out the space between the comma and secondary which is how they had it shown. (I copied and pasted what they said to put in, so their directions are wrong, doesn't look like they know iOS to well cuz the directions suck) confirm your browser, activate your address, then when you reboot it tells you "it looks as if you have a new browsing address (I think, can't recall word for word) so you have to click on that and then try again, blah blah.... I almost gave up on it completely. So Annoying. Lol
    Don't think at this point I'm going to be subscribing. Unless maybe if they take paypal, at least is more secure than giving someone your credit card number....


  7. This service is awesome! Uses my own bandwidth and "configuration" is a breeze! Just a matter entering the 3 IP addresses for the DNS servers (which I did in my DD-WRT router, which is a huge sell for me) and you are good to go! Better than any VPN service I ever used at that price level. I use it for Netflix, Vudu and Hulu. Since it only supports certain services you might want to check if it supports what you want to use it for.
    PureVPN Netflix also has arranged a slice of heaven for you with its Netflix US DNS service. The PureVPN Netflix US DNS service comes absolutely free with every PureVPN subscription. This wonderful service gives you unlimited and unrestricted access to Netflix USA regardless of where you are on the globe.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Sorry anon, we mistakenly listed a free month when it comes with a free week. It was our mistake at NetflixFixer.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. I used PureVPN for about three days before I realized that it wasn't going to work out for me. I tried everything the live chat support guys told me to do but nothing worked. In the end, we gave up the battle and had to agree that the service simply failed to work for me. The tech guys even tried remote assistance through teamviewer but said that I'd need to reinstall my OS to get the issue fixed. Settled for one of the chrome plugins coz I wasn't going to go through the hassle of uninstalling and then reinstalling my OS. I'm not saying that the PureVPN review is wrong, but I am saying that it has issues with Mac and that Mac users should try out the service thoroughly in the first few days so that they can get back their refund if it doesn't work for them.
    I think its time to give unblockus a shot.

  12. Superb suggestion on NetflixFixer Now Officially Supports UnBlock-Us! I just pleased to read all those hings which I really searching for knowing. By the way, those are really important for me. Thank you so much and know USA Netflix now.

  13. Americans in Hong Kong, we started with Unblock-Us last year. Its worked fantastically for us across devices.

    This fall, Netflix was trying to stop it, sometimes I'd get an error, and sometimes its been fine for weeks and weeks. Worst case scenario, I've restarted the AppleTV and its been good to go

    We were just away for spring break though and now that isn't working anymore. As of this week, the DNS settings are not working on our AppleTV, and only our AppleTV. They work fine on iPhone or iPad. Im even able to use Airplay from a device, but if theres any way to update the DNS on the AppleTV, that'd be easier!

    Is there anywhere I can look and find the most current DNS settings to use?


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