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As you can see, starting Season 3 there are a lot more out of order episodes. While you can watch it in the posted order, there are some internal references that won't work, and fortunately all of the episodes are available. Be careful about what Season it says, these episodes are across Season 3, Season 4, and even some in Season 5 (as listed by Netflix).

Season 3:
1: S3E5
2: S3E4
3: S4E1
4: S3E8
5: S3E7
6: S3E6
7: S3E12
8: S3E13
9: S3E9
10: S4E2
11: S3E10
12: S5E3
13: S3E14
14: S3E15
15: S3E11
16: S4E3
17: S4E4
18: S4E8
19: S4E7
20: S4E5
21: S4E6
22: S4E9

S3E5 = Season 3, Episode 5

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