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I've often wondered which shows and movies Amazon had as exclusives that aren't the big ones that made the news like "Under the Dome", and the large swathe of children's shows. Fortunately, Reddit user "People" queued us in to the "Prime Member Exclusives: Not on Netflix" list!

We often mention this, but I'll reiterate my personal stance on Amazon Prime: It is currently not worth getting for the movies; but it is worth it for the free 2-day shipping, monthly book 'rentals' via the Kindle store (you can put these on your iphone or computer via the Kindle app too), and the movies and shows just sweeten the deal. It also costs less per month than Netflix, but that doesn't make up for having less titles.

If you do have Prime for shipping though, definitely check out the list, and if you'd like to try it, we've been shamelessly plugging the 30-day free trial links which pays us back a small free. Shameless plug: Amazon free 30-day trial. If you only have Netflix though, there's no harm in a little competition to keep both services at their best (and lowest prices) to compete with each other.

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