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Update 9/22/2014: Drake & Josh was removed from Netflix streaming, probably because it was so badly out of order, which you can see below.

Old Post:
As with Season 1, Season 2 of Drake & Josh is out of order. Thanks to anon for pointing it out to us. As always, we read all the comments made on the blog so report anything you see out of order (you can report it to Netflix, but they usually just remove it from the instant queue like they did with Drake&Josh Season 2, Eps 2 and 8 when people reported them out of order).

Unfortunately, the same episodes currently seem to be missing from Amazon, though the rest of the episodes are free with Amazon Prime: Drake & Josh - Season 2

Season 2:
Ep 1: S2E1

Ep 2: "Guitar" missing
Ep 3: S2E3
Ep 4: S2E4
Ep 5: S2E5
Ep 6: S2E6
Ep 7: S2E7
Ep 8: "Blues Brothers" missing
Ep 9: "Driver's License" missing
Ep 10: "Number One Fan" missing
Ep 11: S2E9
Ep 12: "The Gary Grill" missing
Ep 13: S2E10
Ep 14: S2E11

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