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While navigating to stream House of Cards this evening, Netflix greeted us with this error message: "We're currently experiencing a technical issue. While we get things back to normal, some features aren't available - but you can play select titles on this page."

Louie's expression describes our feelings pretty accurately.

While there weren't many things to choose from on this screen, we were able to navigate directly to the House of Cards page by clicking our House of Cards' article link:

From there, it seems you can search for and watch whatever you want. Perhaps they just want to slow down user requests as much as possible while their servers are having problems, but we're inclined to watch what we want :)

UPDATE: We're still seeing this error, but fortunately the link above is still working. -uncleruckus- on Reddit adds: "If you know what you want to watch, google the show title and netflix. e.g. 'Archer Netflix'
Seems obvious, but just in case people were wondering."

UPDATE 2: It's back up, but if you ever have this problem in the future, click the link above or search for the show you want to watch and "Netflix" in Google.


  1. Changing my DNS setting from my default ISP to googles or Open DNS allowed me to access search functionality again. This ads to the therory that netflix only wants to slow down the flow of requests as you accutally gets to the exact same page but by another mean of navigation.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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