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As Reuters recently reported, Amazon Instant Video will soon be the only place to stream Downton Abbey online. Now we have another clue about Amazon's future strategy - TV Pass:

Click to enlarge. Source site here.
As you can see, Season 3, Episodes 6-9 are available to watch now only with a TV Pass, and seemingly before it airs in the US!  This service leverages a 5% discount (for Downton specifically) and the ability to watch it now, for the chance to automatically sell you new episodes as they become available. We all know that recurring charges can be annoying, especially if you forget to cancel - but for hardcore fans of the series this may be a great option. If you know you're going to buy it as soon as it comes out anyway, you might as well let Amazon charge you and tell you it's available as soon as possible.

Let us know in the comments if you try it out. We're especially interested in knowing if all 3 "Available with TV Pass" episode become immediately available forever for you - and if you can cancel TV Pass after you watch them for the free 5% discount and extra episodes, or if there's any drawback. As always, we'd appreciate it if you click the link below to let Amazon know we sent you, which helps us run the site.
Downton Abbey Season 3, Episode 6 (Original UK Version)


  1. PBS, duh. This is only after PBS has shown the series online and broadcast TV. PBS is FREE.

  2. Amazon thinks they have a great idea, but this is stupid. They don't tell you how much the TV Pass is going to be. Sure, it's $2.99 per episode (HD), and you are going to get a 5% supposed discount, but I don't want to do the math. If they can't tell me how much it is going to cost to buy the tv pass for the series, then they can absolutely forget about me buying it, especially when it is available free from PBS.


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