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We did Paste Magazine's Top 50 Movies (with NetflixFixer recommendations), now here is Reddit's Top 50 TV Shows, according to the number of upvotes each one got in the responses to mgramigna4's thread asking which show to watch (okay, 54 with a 7-way tie at 2 votes). This is by no means a perfect list, but it does give some good ideas - what would you change?

Show Votes
Arrested Development 35
Futurama 23
Sherlock 23
Breaking Bad 22
Better off Ted 21
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 20
How I Met Your Mother 18
Battlestar Galactica 17
Freaks and Geeks 15
The IT Crowd 15
Parks and Recreation 13
Psych 13
Downton Abbey 12
Adventure Time 10
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 10
Coupling 10
Doctor Who 10
Dollhouse 10
Lost 10
Monk 10
Quantum Leap 10
Spaced 10
The Office 10
The Walking Dead 8
Workaholics 8
Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 7
Terriers 7
Wilfred 7
Blue Mountain State 5
Flashpoint 5
Life 5
Portlandia 5
Scrubs 5
Sons of Anarchy 5
The Inbetweeners 5
Trailer Park Boys 5
Peep Show 4
Archer 3
Frasier 3
Greek 3
King of the Hill 3
Louie 3
Shameless (UK) 3
The League 3
Top Gear 3
Undeclared 3
American Horror Story 2
Home Movies 2
Jon Benjamin Has a Van 2
Larry Sanders Show 2
No Reservations 2
Twin Peaks 2
Weeds 2


  1. How is Prison Break not on this list?!

  2. Because the only season of prison break worth watching is the first season the rest of it is complete crap

  3. but i cant find walking dead on Netflix... WHY

  4. How does lost only have 10 votes??

  5. Dexter not on the list :O


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