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Undeclared only has 1 season and it is badly out of order on Netflix. As of Episode 2, no more episodes are in order at all - don't watch Episode 2 until much later! Thanks to Anon for pointing this out to us.

Undeclared - Season 1:
Ep 1: "Prototype"
Ep 2: Episode 3 - "Eric Visits"
Ep 3: Episode 7 - "Addicts"
Ep 4: Episode 5 - "Sick in the Head"

Ep 5: Episode 6 - "The Assistant"
Ep 6: Episode 10 - "Eric Visits Again"
Ep 7: Episode 11 - "Rush and Pledge"
Ep 8: Episode 12 - "Hell Week"
Ep 9: Episode 2 - "So You Have a Boyfriend"
Ep 10: Episode 4 - "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs"
Ep 11: Episode 9 - "Parents' Weekend"
Ep 12: Episode 13 - "Truth or Dare"
Ep 13: Episode 14 - "The Day After"
Ep 14: Episode 15 - "The Perfect Date"
Ep 15: Episode 16 - "Hal and Hillary"
Ep 16: Episode 17 - "Eric's POV"
Ep 17: "God Visits" - unaired and not on Netflix

The final, unaired episode isn't available to stream on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. According to IMBD "This episode never aired because FOX decided the religious theme was too controversial." Unfortunately, that means it's only on the DVD. The DVD is very well-reviewed on Amazon if you enjoy this show and comes with all 17 episodes, director's cut, commentary, an unreleased script for the second season that didn't happen, etc, all on 4 discs. Here is a link to buy it which helps support NetflixFixer without costing any more to you: Link. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know when it was put up, but reading your list I got curious what happened to episode 8, and it appears to be the missing episode 17, God Visits. It is on Netflix as of right now.


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