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Checking out from Amazon today, I got a new offer from Amazon Prime: Opt out of the free 2-day shipping to receive a dollar to spend on Amazon Instant Video:

This means that Prime members, in addition to watching many shows for free (like Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs that are missing a whole bunch of episodes on Netflix), can get regular 5-7 day shipping for any items we don't need right away to start earning cash for streaming HD movies. 

I had previously written that, at $79.00/year, Amazon Prime is $1.41/month cheaper than a Netflix' streaming plan at $7.99/mo. Now you can add any dollars you get from this program to the $16.92 you would save per year paying for Prime instead of Netflix to spend on premium content. Of course Netflix still has the better selection and has an exclusive deal with Disney, but they could possibly pass Netflix some day.

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