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The Netflix Blog has just posted rankings for each of the major ISP's in terms of the average speed each of them streams the Netflix service. This is a great statistic, as "net speed tests" are one-time speed tests that might show you something like hundreds of megabytes per second at a university - but after a few seconds of download your speed is going to be throttled. The speed at which you can watch an entire movie on the other hand, is very good to know when choosing a service provider:
Netflix Major ISP rankings
Click to view the full chart at the Netflix Blog.
Very surprising to us was the low rank of ATT U-Verse. We've heard lots of good things from their users, while members of Cox and Time Warner often complain about their service. There may be more at work here, such as large coverage areas with relatively slow internet that rural areas would appreciate just the same - while other might serve large cities with less than the average, lots of outages, and bad service. Just the same, consider a statistic like this if thinking about changing/upgrading your ISP service.

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