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Update 5/6/2015: It looks like at some point Netflix messed up Sliders (Netflix link), because now there are episodes missing! Here are the corrected orders. Fortunately the missing episodes are available on both Amazon and Hulu. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the discrepancy in the comments.

Season 1:
1 - Pilot: Part 1
2 - Pilot: Part 2
3 - Fever
Episode 4 - Last Days, MISSING [Amazon] [Hulu]
5 The Prince of Wails
6 Summer of Love
7 Eggheads
Episode 8 - The Weaker Sex, MISSING [Amazon] [Hulu]
9 The King Is Back
8 Luck of the Draw

Season 2: In Order
Season 3: In Order
Season 4: In Order
Season 5: In Order

Old Post:
According to the IMDB episode order, all episodes of Sliders are now correct. There was a problem previously but it must have been fixed. If anyone is having trouble with it, leave a comment, or try it on Amazon free with Prime.


  1. The episode "The Weaker Sex" from Season One is not available. All other episodes appear to be in order.

  2. Two episodes missing... "Last Days" and "The Weaker Sex". Also the characters begin episode 4 "The Prince of Wails" in the outfits they eventually change into for episode 5 "Summer of Love". These two eps are also listed out of order on IMDB. Ok, just looked up the official order and no wonder Netflix is messed up-- Fox aired them out of order. But that doesn't explain the two missing eps.

  3. I'm watching Sliders now. Netflix is missing 2 episodes and they are listed in the order Fox aired them instead of in the order they were made and intended to air. Look up the intended order on Wikipedia.

  4. Watching on Netflix as well - Season 3 has "The Last Eden" a couple episodes after "The Last Exodus Parts 1 and 2. :(

  5. Why can I not find sliders on my Netflix?

  6. Just finished season 0ne. I knew it didn't seem right. Now on season two, Remy mentioned the atom bomb that max saved the world with. Went and checked for the episode, looks like netflix goofed.

  7. has the episode orders that they were meant to be played in they show the jumps at the end and start of episodes that line up that way and the story flows soooooo much better.

  8. I'm in Canada and can't find sliders on my Netflix. Do I have to use some other link to access it?

  9. Like really! The one show I can just watch over and over since it came out and big time Netflix can't get the episode line up correct? What the hell odds are those?

  10. Did the Clinton or Trump campaigns make a deal with Netflix to suppress "The Weaker Sex" because it features a President Hillary Clinton

  11. Arturo dies in S3:E15 (The Exodus Part 2) but Netflix has him show up back in S3:E20 (The Last of Eden). Did it air this way? Also they should add the 2 missing episodes. It would be great if a few lost episodes would show up.


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