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After talking to someone about trouble they were having with Netflix using up all of their bandwidth, or even failing to stream in HD, I thought I'd share my personal unexpected success story with getting the most bandwidth possible out of a cable modem. If you own a cable modem and have pretty old equipment, this is for you:

I was having trouble with my bandwidth dropping at random times - 15 mbps advertised, got less than 1 at the worst times. Here's a screenshot from when it was going about 2 mbps out of the 15 we were supposed to be getting - with only 1 computer on, nothing downloading - I wasn't happy.

The tech guys came out and told me my modem and router were old and I should really upgrade to a new Docsis 3 modem. I took it as typical tech guy stuff to try to get rid of me, but tried it anyway expecting to return the gear if there was no improvement (we ended up with this modem and this wi-fi router, if you're wondering)

With a new modem and wi-fi router, not only did we see improved connection speed/consistency, but they had seemingly pumped us up from 15 to 20 or more mbps without telling/charging us to help offset some of the problems we were having. Here's a current test, going 24mbps while paying for 15! 

Netflix streaming at it's finest. It certainly doesn't hurt to call your service provider and complain about inconsistent speeds or any problems with Netflix that you're having - they might just upgrade you.

Too Long; Didn't Read - complain to your ISP, buy a Docsis 3 modem!

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