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Similar to Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs is completely out of order, and missing many episodes. Unfortunately, Seasons 7 and 8 are also not free on Amazon Instant Video with Prime. Here are links to Season 5 , Season 6 , and Season 7 [HD] on Amazon, which are actually Seasons 7 and 8, in case you want to buy them or they become free to stream later.

Season 7 Correct Order:
Ep 1: "Exotic Nanny" S7E2
Ep 2: "Wetland Warrior" S7E3
Ep 3: "Sea Lamprey Exterminator" S7E5
Ep 4: "Animal Relocator" S7E1
Ep 5: "Lightning Rod Installer" S7E4
Ep 6: "Woolen Mill Operator" S8E1
Ep 7: "Pinsetter Mechanic" S8E2
Ep 8: "Bug Detective" S8E3
Ep 9: "Horse Tester" S8E4
Ep 10: "Custom Meat Processor" S8E5
Ep 11: "Dirty Holidays" missing
EP 12: "Dirty Conversations" missing
Ep 13: "Date Palm Pollinator" missing
Ep 14: "Asphalt Paver" S8E7
Ep 15: "Rum Distiller" S8E8
Ep 16: "Hair Fairy" S8E9
Ep 17: "Dirty Infrastructure" missing
Ep 18: "Scrapple Maker" S8E10
Ep 19: "Blueberry Connoisseur" S8E11
Ep 20: "Sponge Diver" S8E12
Ep 21: "Cedar Log Peeler" S8E13
Ep 22: "Termite Researcher" S8E14
Ep 23: "Dirty DNA" missing

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