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Mythbusters has so many missing episodes we are linking to the Amazon streaming versions. They are free if you have Amazon Prime.

Season 2 Correct Order: 
Ep 1 "Myths Revisited" missing (link)
Ep 2 "Best Explosions" missing
Ep 3 "Scuba Diver/Car Capers" missing (link)
Ep 4 is S3E8 (link)
Ep 5 "Elevator of Death" missing (link)
Ep 6 is S4E9 (link)
Ep 7 "Quicksand" missing (link)
Ep 8 "Exploding Jawbreaker" missing (link)
Ep 9 "Pingpong Rescue" missing (link)
Ep 10 is S3E10 (link)
Ep 11 "Exploding House" missing (link)
Ep 12 "Ming Dynasty Astronaut" missing (link)
Ep 13 "Viewers Choice Christmas Special" missing

"(link)" = Available for free on Amazon streaming with Amazon Prime membership, or for $1.99 each without (Prime is worth shelling out the money for though). We've included an affiliate link to each episode on Amazon, but they should be free as long as you are a Prime member.

S2E1 is actually S4E4
S2E2 is actually S4E7
S2E3 is actually S4E13
S2E4 is actually S4E11
S2E5 is actually S4E18
S2E6 is actually S4E17
S2E7 is actually S4E14
S2E8 is actually S4E26
S2E9 is actually S4E25
S2E10 is actually S4E27
S2E11 is actually S5E2
S2E12 is actually S5E1
S2E13 is actually S5E3

Updated on 9/29 to reformat and include links to the episodes on Amazon streaming.

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