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Mythbusters has been one of the most requested shows in terms of being both out of order, and missing episodes. Not only that, but it's out of order between the different seasons. While each episode is self-contained, there are references in Season 1 to things that happened in Season 3, because Season 1 Episodes 7-13 are actually from Season 3.

The pilot episodes aren't available on Netflix Instant, but you can easily find them on YouTube, and we've included links below to watch them free on Amazon if you are a Prime member.

Ep 1: Jet Assisted Chevy
Ep 2: Biscuit Bazooka
Ep 3: Poppy Seed Drug Test

Season 1 Correct Order: 
Ep 1 (link)
Ep 2: S1E3 (link)
Ep 3: S1E2 (link)
Ep 4 (link)
Ep 5 (link)
Ep 6 (link)
Ep 7 "Stinky Car" missing (link)
Ep 8: Season 3 Episode 4 (link)
Ep 9: Season 3 Episode 5 (link)
Ep 10 "Explosive Decompression" missing (link)
Ep 11 "Sinking Titanic" missing (link)
Ep 12: Season 3 Episode 6 (link)
Ep 13: Season 3 Episode 7 (link)
Ep 14 "Best Animal Myths" missing 
Ep 15 "Best Electric Myths" missing

"(link)" = Available for free on Amazon streaming with Amazon Prime membership, or for $1.99 each without (Prime is worth shelling out the money for though). We've included an affiliate link to each episode on Amazon, but they should be free as long as you are a Prime member.

S1E7 is actually S3E13
S1E8 is actually S3E6
S1E9 is actually S3E4
S1E10 is actually S3E10
S1E11 is actually S3E7
S1E12 is actually S3E8
S1E13 is actually S3E9


  1. I see a Season 1 and Season 3 that are both labeled as 2003 with "season" 3 having the pilot episodes and some remaining season 1 episodes. This seems really silly and an easy fix. Even if you're still missing episodes placing the remaining episodes would be amazing.

  2. S1E1-3 is now on netflix as Collection 3 E1-3 (Hope that makes sense, it's very confusing)

  3. The episodes are all out of order because they were out of order in the DVD sets and all Netflix does is copy the DVD sets. To my knowledge, Netflix has never bothered with resorting TV series episodes by airdate. The best course of action would be to convince Discovery to reissue the episodes on DVD in the correct order and hope Netflix will update their listings to match.

    BTW, you can find several of the missing episodes in separate special sets (such as the Big Blasts Collection which is available on Netflix).


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