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Update: Burn Notice is still showing up out of order for people not watching on a PC, thanks anon for keeping us updated. If you are on something other than a PC, you may want to watch on Amazon Instant to save yourself from spoilers: Burn Notice - Season 5 - please use this referral link to let them know we sent you.

On August 18, 2012, Burn Notice was reported for fixing by Anonymous. We have finished checking all 5 seasons on the Netflix stream and they are all correct but they were reported to be out of order Streaming on a Samsung blueray player. Be very careful before watching Burn Notice, and check the Wikipedia entries to make sure that you don't watch the season endings as Episode 3 and 4 as reported. Hopefully they won't be mislabeled on your device, but on computer streaming through a browser all episodes are in order.


  1. Just wanted to report that as of today the last two episodes of Season 2 are incorrect on Samsung devices. That's as far as I've watched so far out of fear of further spoilers.

  2. It's a Samsung Blu-Ray Player

  3. I'm currently streaming Burn Notice using Netflix on my laptop and noticed that season one is out of order as well.

  4. Had to stop at after watching the end of season one. The first episode of season two is showing spoilers in the "previously on Burn notice" part. Watching on a PC. Episode titles match the wikipedia entry so, I assume they are mislabeled.

  5. Season one all wrong on apple TV! Watched the final by accident so ended up skipping to season two. Happy to have found this site


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