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Update (8/3): Our traffic is way down, which is actually good because it means the episodes are mostly fixed (other than the fast forwarding issue) and people don't need to search for "The Tudors correct order" on Google to find us. Post a comment if you find any other shows that we can post the fixes for, and we'll keep updating. Thanks!


We have been having some streaming issues watching The Tudors Seasons 1 and 2, which makes it difficult to find the correct orders to post here. Various episodes during these seasons show the wrong episode when fast-forwarding to another section (the thumbnails show a completely different episode, but then it goes back to the same episode). In addition, some fast-forwarding leads to it starting the episode over. Lastly, Season 1 - Episode 3 breaks down completely at 4:28, saying "You just finished watching The Tudors: Season 1 - Episode 3", leaving you unable to fast-forward past that point or watch the rest.

Season 2 is now in order (despite showing the wrong episodes when fast-forwarding or rewinding), and Season 1 is missing Episode 10 and won't display Episode 3 after the 4:28 mark. They are updated on the respective season pages.
Let us know if there are more issues.

Season 1
Season 2


  1. Season 1 episode 10 is working for me
    Season 1 episode 3 is also working, except that because of the weird thumbnails issue, it won't let me seek past ~44mins, but it keeps playing.

  2. Yeah I was able to watch all of Season 1 Episode 3. Didn't try to seek past 44 minutes, but except for the thumbnail issue, I think they finally fixed the problem.

  3. Still out of order here.

  4. Would you be interested in having up some contact info on this page so we can send you other shows that are out of order? I have 2 that I've watched in the last 2 days that led me to find this blog.

  5. Yes, please just comment here or anywhere on the blog and I will see it. I don't know of any out of order shows right now so it would be great to find some to write about.

  6. As of 2 days ago the most recent season of Desperate Housewives was out of order. Unsure of the proper order, but obvious it's out of order just by the 30 second recap at the beginning of each episode.

  7. Watching tonight and for sure and episodes 10 & 11 were flipped.

  8. Thanks anon, I'm going to check it out and post the right orders as soon as possible.

  9. Order is posted in a new post. During our test, only 7 and 8 were switched, not 10 and 11. Let me know if you figure out something we missed in the new post's comments. Thanks.


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