Using a VPN to Connect to American Netflix

Netflix has been cracking down on Smart-DNS which allowed people outside the US to connect to the American version of Netflix by simply using a Domain Name Server inside America. We’ve continuously tried posting free DNS codes that were reported as working by our users, but Netflix was able to easily shut down these addresses and they no longer work. When those started disappearing, we looked around for other solutions, trying various Smart-DNS and VPN solutions and seeing what works for most people.

Finally we found a solution

…that has worked for us for over a year. Now we’re using StrongVPN (click here for 15% exclusively with our coupon code), because that’s the only thing that’s been consistently working post-DNS. The PC/Mac client is easy to use, they have browser plugins, and it’s less than $5 per month if you use the coupon code and sign up for 12 months. You can also easily set it up with your home’s router to send all traffic through the VPN, securing all of your data, not just Netflix.

StrongVPN client screensot
A screenshot of what I’m using: the PC client that can easily be turned off or on, and set your region to almost anywhere in the world.

What’s the difference between Smart-DNS and a VPN?

  • Smart-DNS: Computers don’t actually go to “”, they ask a DNS server what the IP address of is and go to that address to find it (something like A Smart-DNS tells Netflix that someone in whatever country you want is looking for instead of where they really are, thus showing you the content from that country – at least until Netflix cracked down on it and they stopped working.

    "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off these services and try again. For more help, visit - ok"
    A screenshot of what you often see if you try to connect to American Netflix through a smart-DNS “unblocker”.
  • VPN: A “Virtual Private Network” actually lets you connect to Netflix (and any other site) through the private server’s connection, and that server is located in whatever country you want. This is much harder to shut down because it looks like any other computer connecting to the service. It might look suspicious if loads of people start connecting from the same address, but university dorms, and sometimes whole neighborhoods share an IP. Furthermore, the fact that it costs five bucks filters out a lot of the traffic and keeps things smaller – there are some benefits to joining an exclusive club rather than trying some free code everyone is connecting from.

Ever since Netflix took the upper hand in the cat-and-mouse game of Unblockers vs Blockers, people’s experience using any service has been inconsistent. Rather than giving up, we’ve kept trying out different options to see what actually works for us – and would keep working for more than a few weeks or months. Strong’s VPNs have worked for us since we started using it in early 2016.

How do you use it?

It’s pretty simple: just install the client after you sign up, log in, pull down the list to the country you want to connect to, and click “connect”. There are currently 42 VPN servers around the world in the pulldown list, with more are being added.

Using the Chrome plugin is just as easy: Install the plugin to Chrome, log in, and choose where you want to connect from. Not only can you access sites like Netflix from the US or other countries, but you’ll protected from ISPs slowing down traffic to certain sites, or anyone trying to snoop on your connection – it’s all secure between you and the StrongVPN servers. As long as you visit a side with encryption, no one other than you and the side you’re on can see where you go.


So that’s what we’re currently using, and if you’re still inputting DNS codes and hunting for American Netflix access we recommend checking out StrongVPN, with our 15% off coupon code if you want to save some money and let them know we sent you. We’re still updating our free codes as they are reported, and we’re not against other services – this is just what’s working best for us. Please keep us updated in the comments, whether what you’re doing is working or not, and let them know we sent you with the coupon code above, thanks!

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