Updated DNS codes for US Netflix

UPDATE: After 636 comments, we’re moving this thread over here so you can read the new comments as people get working DNS codes:

UPDATE 2:If you don’t like constantly finding DNS servers that go out because they’re free and thousands of people are connecting through them, we now support Unblock-Us which always works to connect to American Netflix for $4.99/month. We’d appreciate if you use our affiliate link to show them we sent you: [link]

DNS codes to connect to American Netflix from outside the US (for things like troops serving in the US military) changed multiple times over the past few months, but here are updated ones:




Old code:

Update Feb 18, 2014: Many people are saying that all codes have stopped working in the UK. {“”, “”} has been reported as working in Canada. If you have a working UK code, please post it anonymously in the comments below.

Update Feb 3, 2014: Anonymous posted some to try for anyone for whom these aren’t working:

try these:
Primary: Secondary: <- reported working in Canada, 2/17/14
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:

Older Updates:

  • Update Jan 8, 2014: Thanks to the commenters for the new working code listed above, it is listed as working by quite a few people.
  • Update Jan 5,2014: We’re getting some reports that the above codes aren’t working for some people this morning. There are also reports that people are having issues streaming at all, so the site may be having issues overall.
  • Update Dec 26,2013: The main “111.24” codes have been reported in the past few days as working in Canada and the UK. You can comment anonymously, so let us know what works for you.
  • Update Nov 19,2013: Checked the below code for Canada, still working via MediaHint. The old code was just also reported to be working in the UK.
  • Update Oct 19,2013: Kevin24 in the comments gives this DNS that is working for some people, try it out:
  • Update Oct 8, 2013: The old codes are still reported as working for some users, though if they don’t work for you, read through the comments below for more. If they work/don’t work for you, you can post anonymously to help others get working codes.

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850 thoughts on “Updated DNS codes for US Netflix”

  1. Kevin24
    Neither code worked for me or my friend on an Apple TV V3 box in GTA. Anyone have any ideas. I tried the restart, unplug for an hour, etc. I have not run the latest update not sure if that would matter? A couple of other codes worked since Christmas just striggling since June.

  2. Kevin24
    I just heard the first code did work for my friend (they did not try second) with the same Apple TV V3 so we are going to compare boxes at each others house to determine if it's a network or Apple issue

  3. Kevin24
    Continued from above. Apple V3 not working on Netflix USA but working on friends Apple V3 5 miles away. Tonight we swapped Apple units. My Apple works perfect at their house on either account and I have the same problem at my house with no Netflix USA on their Apple, Canadian works fine, so we have ruled out the Apple boxes as the problem.
    I decided to try an ethernet hard wire connection but got the same results so it's not the wireless.
    Apple USA worked here fine for the first 6 months and I have changed nothing, anyone have an idea on where to go next?

  4. same here friends live down the street codes work fine but not at my place even tried the ethernet from wifi thingy wtf???

  5. Kevin24
    I worked with my ISP yesterday, they tweaked my DSL which had low noise level of 5 and brought it to 15 (above 9 is good) as the possible issue but no luck. Then we pinged the two DSL and my computer & read both DSN with a 50 ms return time and no errors. I have lowered resolution settings on the Apple but again no luck. I'm starting to think the speed of my DSL vs my friends cable may be an issue? Any thoughts? BTW: I talked to Netflix and they informed me they are working on merging the content of Canada & the USA but no date was given. Kevin24

  6. mine is not working on any of my apple devices…suspecting its my router (network) i use a dlink extreme…anyone else????My friend down the street is up and running and getting quality programming from the USA.

  7. Kevin24
    Well everyone was pointing a finger at my ISP (Distributel) but I doubted they were the issue with so few users so tonight I took the Apple across the street to try it on a Bell ISP and got the same results of no Netflix USA. I have a few more steps to take before I start drawing a conclusion. Next I am going to try a neighbour with cable then I am going to try a few friends across town.

  8. Kevin24
    Finally I have got Netflix USA. What I learned is DNS codes may not work in some regions. I got lucky and found an alternate DNS code and I am back in action. If that had failed I was going to install a VPN to virtually put my computer in the USA, it's not hard here is a Youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CI47pcUVGww best of luck everyone

  9. The previous DNS addresses did not work for me in Kanata, ON (west of Ottawa)

    Kevin24's address just above worked fine.

  10. Kevin24
    My Apple TV only needs one DNS so do most smart TV's. When I found there was a second code which was the one I used the past 6 months that went idle so you are on your own for second DNS.
    PS If anyone knows about a jailbreak for an Apple TV version 3 I'd love to hook up with the info.

  11. Kevin24
    My friend 5 miles away who works with that didn't work at my house just tried which works for me and they couldn't get Netflix USA so they swithched back.

  12. code worked for me on my Apple TV 3rd gen in London/England. I am connected via WiFi. Apparently it doesn't work via Ethernet

  13. I am Barrie, ON…. I have a DMP MST60. I can view American netflex but can not play them. Meassage – were having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a dufferent title. Where I'm I going wrong?

  14. Tried DNS 1 & 2 on Xbox 360 and all you see is the Netflix screen searching but never loads the menu. I'm in Ontario, GTA and it didn't work for me.

  15. These codes just worked for me in Montreal, Quebec. I am so happy right now, was missing all that stand up comedy! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH, you made my evening!!!

  16. and working for me in the UK (as of 15th August) to get Netflix US on our Wii (via BT Broadband). Currently watching American Dad…

  17. what's a good test to see if it worked? i thought US netflix has the american "the office" and canada only gets one season of the UK. not getting the american epis. what's another one to try to see if i'm still in canadian netflix? i'm in vic, bc and i see above, you're having success. wonder what i'm doing wrong…

  18. typed in the codes and my uk account is now us version(much bigger range of selection than netflix uk). thanks again

  19. I can get in to the us library but no longer start the titles anymore. But some titles actually starts but i think it is because they also excist on the Swedish version. If I can't fix the problem I will delete my account. Us netflix is way much better than the Swedish.

  20. I am also in Sweden and I am desperate. I used these: and and i can access the us content but i can't start any titles except for some…
    I think it is because those few titles are also found in Swedish netflix titles.
    I will cancel my netflix account if i can't fix this.
    US netflix is way better!!!

  21. Strange! Can you even start the movies/series on the us netflix?
    If i uninstall netflix and install it again, i get access to Netflix usa with that dns. But as i wrote before, i can't start any titles.

  22. Stopped working yesterday on our UK BT Broadband : now says 'Title Unavailable' on US only titles. Guess I'll look for new ones…

  23. Slightly different procedure but the number works just fine on my windows 8. Just google how to change your DNS with whatever you are running. Piece of cake.

  24. HELP!
    does not work for me, from winnipeg!
    It takes me to the netflix selection but when I try to watch the movie, it says title does not work and I tried 5 other movies and it all says the same thing!
    🙁 someone help me out!!xo

  25. I dont need to change the numbers to view on my laptop I use an extension on google chrome called hola and it automatically switches to American on sights like netflix.

  26. For me it worked one day, can you get a list of codes without listening to all these guys on utube telling you the same crap over and over

  27. Starting to take a while to get going now, still works in calgary but slow starting . Once running its good. Is this a result of the number of people bouncing off that server now? Was fast a while back?

  28. Works in BC. Thanks, Netflix US tons better than Netflix Canada! I was about to cancel before I learned about this trick. Keep the DNS's coming!!

  29. I got it to work in MTL, Quebec! (Canada)

    Had to delete Netflix App, Reinstall… and Cancel update. Netflix 2.14 locks region.

    used these codes:

    and it worked!

    Good luck!

  30. The above codes from Anonymous on OCT 20, 2013 at 9:05am works here in Toronto. Running Netflix 2.13 version. Once it starts to download the newer version get out right away before its done..

  31. The DNS codes work for me they load the movie, but nothing will play it always says title unavailable, I deactivated my Netflix and reset it but nothing? It works on my blue ray, but not my smart TV?

  32. I'm the anonymous from 9:05am.

    This was a fix for PLAYSTATION 3 ONLY.

    You have to uninstall the App.
    Reinstall it.
    It well tell you that you need an update, press OK.
    As soon as it starts, press O to cancel the update.

    It's working fine, watching US Netflix as we speak.

  33. I'm Anonymous October 20, 2013 at 9:05 AM (from Montreal, Quebec)

    The fix I posted was for PLAYSTATION 3 Only. I can't confirm for other systems how to do it.

    Make sure to UNINSTALL Netflix on your PS3, reinstall it AND CANCEL the update. You cannot use the codes on Netflix 2.14 for PLAYSTATION 3.

    Hope this helps.

  34. I did as Anonymous from Montreal suggested. I checked the version of my Netflix app and it was version 2.14. I deleted the app. I then changed my DNS to / I then re-installed the Netflix app and checked the version which was 2.13. I signed in as usual and it worked!. I am in Nova Scotia

  35. Netflix forced me to update and now I keep getting messages saying "this title isnt available to stream instantly" is there any way around this is you've already updated?

  36. If you've updated to 2.14 then uninstall and reinstall, DONT let netflix update again. None of the DNS codes work with the update.

  37. not working for me, i swear to god nothing EVER works for me…i fucking hate technology and all of you…joking about hating you, just technology

  38. Works using the dsn and process in the above posts dated OCT 20, 2013 at 9:05am and OCT 20, 2013 at 10:08am

    Using my ps3 from BC in canada. Key part was to ensure netflix was not updated to version 2.14. This involved an uninstall, reinstall and a cancellation of the update during the first boot of the reinstalled netflix app.

    Good luck

  39. Why are there two DNS codes? Do you enter them at the same time?
    My apple tv 2 only allows for 1 DNS code at a time and nothing works
    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?

  40. You need to also set your itunes profile to USA too. This will also prevent you from playing purchased movies.
    Settings>General>iTunes Store> Location
    Change to USA.

    Then reboot the Apple TV

  41. "dns1":"","dns2":"" does not work
    "dns1":"","dns2":"" redirects to playmoTV

  42. PS3 app only lets you download the newest version of netflix – is there someway around this? No codes work (MB) seems to be an update issue maybe? *pulls hair out*

  43. ({"dns1":"","dns2":""} works in Brazil! Thanks!

    To solve the nw-2-5 error on the ps3, logout (hold select + start on the red loading screen) and then log in again!

  44. dns1 dns2
    this works for me in Williamsburg Ontario on LG Blu-Ray player however would not work on laptop or if put on router … Sent directly to Playmo-tv

  45. These codes are working in London Ontario "","dns2":""
    I'm using a PS4 and it's not region locked the only thing that is region locked is the bluray player on the PS4. Can anyone confirm if they are running american netflix on the XboxOne? because they are region locked to prevent importing.

  46. I'm from Montreal aswell. The updated codes are working for me on my ps3! So happy 😀 Try them out

    Update Nov 19,2013: Checked the below code for Canada, still working via MediaHint. The old code was just also reported to be working in the UK.


  47. "dns1":"","dns2":"" working as of 24th November on our Wii via BT Broadband in the UK. Now watching 'My Name is Earl' ; )

  48. Netflix must have done a sweep of codes. Was happily watching on the above codes for the past month. Halfway through season 2 of AHS today and got error when tried watching next episode. Ireland user here btw.

  49. Still working in Vancouver, BC, Canada as of Dec 30, '13.

    It would be handy if the comments and updates on here went from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom. My 2c

  50. It wasnt working for me… so i went back into the settings and made sure it was on manual (DNS settings) then i restarted the Apple TV and VOILA!
    I have updated apple TV and have been using these codes since I can remember!
    Thank you Greatly!!! Merci!

  51. 111.24 was working here yesterday near Toronto, Canada. It stopped working today. The old code does not work either.

  52. I cant get this to work the dns codes on here r not working on my ps3. I dont know what im doing wrong iv had the american netflix before.
    Please help me
    Thanks Ashley

  53. Primary:

    These codes no longer work in UK, they did work for 3 days when used on the ps3 not on the laptop though. Before that I used & for months but it no longer works either now 🙁

  54. I'm in Surrey/Vancouver bc Canada, my old number just failed. I loaded this one just now and it works for me on ps3, thanks!!!

  55. Netflix CAN'T merge content because Rogers owns a lot of the Canadian rights and they're planning to start up a competing streaming system in Canada. Rogers makes sure you pay them. For everything.

  56. The codes are working, I have question though: how's the speed? are you guys able to stream it in HD? I have been getting really shitty quality since like xmas

  57. Settings 2 {"dns1":"","dns2":""}
    worked from London ON, but only when set within the PS3, (doing it in the router didn't help)

  58. Thanks a million the second dns code worked for me. I'm from Ireland and I have a Wii.
    Can anyone tell me if something happens to the American version that I can't watch it. How do I change it back to the original Ireland an Uk version?
    Thank you.

  59. Got nothing in UK now, someone seem to have smartened system up as mine now reverts to UK Netflix and lists me as gb-en even though its all setup on ps3 network and netflix on a us address

  60. i notice when it says title unavailable to just go back and pick the title again, sometimes you may do this a few times before it works

  61. This works great but everyday or 2 it gets fucked so I've just been usin the 2 codes and goin back in fourth as they zap it or whatever they do to fuck it is this ok

  62. The second set of codes work (Primary:, secondary: in Hamilton, Ontario on the latest version of Netflix (2.14), so it is not necessary to uninstall it and then reinstall it. Things are working like a charm!

  63. {"dns1":"","dns2":""} not working in uk
    "dns1":"","dns2":"" is working fine.
    Took advice and did not update netflix

  64. I fixed the streaming/loading issue by activation the video system under my pan in options. Also, I've heard if it keeps reverting to your native countries Netflix, to uninstall the Netflix app, and reinstall without updates.

    -Edmonton, AB, Canada

  65. 109. 123. 111. 24 , 192. 95 . 16 .109 just stopped working for me today in Vancouver island, Canada, i tried 109. 123. 111. 24 , 190. 14. 36 . 90 and it seemed to work for now

  66. ive tried these codes and they are not working for my dell laptop, but my brother is using the same codes and they are working for him

  67. try these:








  68. Primary:







  69. I think something has happend to Netflix, it does not allow DNS settings anymore. Not on my Macbook with Hola and not on my Sony smart TV. On TV it only plays content that is available in my country (Netherlands) All the US content that is visible trough DNS does not play because of an error.

  70. From The Netherlands the code,
    Still works even with the latest update for the ppl that thinks it don't work 😀

  71. Please help! Everytime I've entered these American codes over the past five months, when I go to Netflix, it just redirects me to playmoTV.

    Is there a way to get around this?

  72. I used the very first code only worked for a few days…and none of the others are working…I can't even get back to my Canadian Netflix.

  73. Also none of the codes are working. Tried every single one, which is odd,'cause yesterday was working fine. Please guys, get us some updated codes that work 🙂

  74. Has been working perfectly for me until about ten minutes ago. Suddenly stopped in the middle of a show I was watching and I've tried restarting and re-entering the code. Nothing worked, unfortunately.

  75. Great. But today it stopped working and none of the codes works. Most of themmi get connection but netflix just want to work. I live in Norway. I also tried codes from other sites that have beenmput out on 8 of february. Hope some new coees come soon.

  76. None of the DNS numbers are working in Toronto.. tried them all an not one worked

    I am currently trying trickbyte dns

    USA –

    its working but you need to register for a trial i belive

  77. The DNS codes were working yesterday afternoon now nothing works through my Samsung Smart TV , im in the UK. Anyone got any working codes,cheers

  78. Primary –
    Secondary –

    These codes work fine in UK. It's 00.14 on 19th feb and I'm using them on my ps4 netflix. Just tried it on my ps3 n it's working fine there too.


  79. I just tried this on my PS3 but i guess im doing something wrong. Im a complete noob so im sorry for this question.

    I stil get the brazilian netflix, in portuguese and all. If the codes arent working right now, it means that netflix should be(1) offline, (2) in my original country and language, (3) this thing only works in canada and in the uk, therefore, i shouldnt even try this.


  80. Primary: Secondary: was working just fine until last night works to get to menu but can't watch shows. Northern Alberta

  81. Primary –
    Secondary –
    Working in UK on Xbox 360. Very slow loading though.
    Media hint still working on pc but huge sound delay compared to picture!

  82. "dns1":"","dns2":""

    Works in the UK on xbox 360.

    Had to remove and reinstall application, and restart xbox after setting these.

  83. Above code not working, tried deleting and redownloading app and restarting the xbox. No change, still can't connect to US service.

  84. Primary –
    Secondary –
    working uk time 23:15 xbox 360 bring on trailer park boys CHEERS �� db

  85. Primary –
    Secondary –

    That's the only one I can get to work in Sweden right now (no problem with the regular ones about 10 hours ago though). Thanks to anonymous person posting about them working in the UK earlier today!

  86. Using
    it says all services are available but when i go and open netflix it just gives me an error code. unplugged and restarted my device and still wont work

  87. Pri:



    IN UK

  88. hi people ive been using these codes in uk and still work to this day.u just need to change the first number if it doesnt work.
    dns 1
    dns 2
    on dns 1 just change first number to 109 or 90.

  89. Any Canadians got DNS numbers to get Netflix Canada? There's some good stuff only on there.
    I'm watching US Netflix from Ireland on PS3. Old numbers stopped working after PS3 system update, these ones work for me now.
    DNS 1- 109 123 111 24
    DNS 2- 192 95 16 109

  90. In the UK had stacks of trouble finding new DNS overjoyed to finally find one that works!

    Primary –
    Secondary –


    This code worked for me in the UK on ps3, just have to change the psn settings! Go to PSN, then ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, then ACTIVATE SYSTEM, then VIDEO SYSTEM… Provided it didn't deactivate the video system on the ps3

  92. / these two no longer work for me on the xbox one..but still working on the 360. I'm from Canada

  93. Nothing working on xbone. If there was only a private forum we could share working codes or figure out how to make them…

  94. DNS 1- 109 123 111 24
    DNS 2- 192 95 16 109
    I live in BC Canada and this one worked after two attempts, February 20 @6:15pm

  95. The listed canadian dns code to be working stopped for me after a few months of opperation. im in saskatchewan. the very last dns code worked flawlessly

  96. Got these to work in Birmingham UK. Takes a couple of attempts to connect but work in the end!
    Primary –
    Secondary –

  97. These DNS addresses have stopped working in varous regions because the service (playmotv) that hosts them is rolling out IP checking to check you are a subscriber across various region's. There is a blog on their site with more info.The best I get in the uk is about ten minutes if am lucky then ip authentication kicks in. Usually I can't get beyond Netflix booting on the wii. Time to subscribe, I have been trialling unblock us and find it much faster and reliable than the playmo dns.

  98. Someone has posted the below dns settings on another site and works through xbox one no problem.

    Finally got one that works in the UK!
    just use and as DNS servers.

  99. {"dns1":"","dns2":"

    Switched had been working for a year or so in the UK on xbox 360. Stopped working temporarily for the last week and has started working again after testing again today (23rd February)

  100. No codes working in the UK at the moment, tried them all. So annoying, was using it on Xbox 360 then all of a sudden it went and won't reconnect. If anyone knows any that are still working in the UK then please help!

  101. I'm in Toronto,

    Tried all the codes with no luck on my samsung smart tv. Also on the smart tv there isn't a setting for DNS 2 ???

    Looks like I'll be watching Canadian netflix for a while 🙁

  102. Just tried this, and it worked for me also in the UK, thanks!

    "Got these to work in Birmingham UK. Takes a couple of attempts to connect but work in the end!
    Primary –
    Secondary – "



  104. Whats wrong with US Netflix in Canada. Codes won't work. Feb 25/2014. Have different devices and none of them work with any code.

  105. Primary:
    Working in uk 26/02/14
    But unlike previously you HAVE to test connection or it wont work

  106. I have an issue with US netflix after supper. It works fine in the morning and afternoon but after supper it will not connect. If I change the DNS to obtain auto it works fine. I am in New Brunswick, Canada.
    I use the

  107. Those DNS addresses were provided by Tunlr.net, a free service which shut down operations last week. They won't work for anybody any more.

  108. "dns1":"","dns2":"" work for me in ireland 🙂
    make sure wen you enter the dsn to reset your concle so it updates and that

  109. dns codes still work, im in uk using an xbox one. problem is netflix content is specifically blocked, meaning a lot of american content will just say content unavailable, that is not a problem with the dns, its the content itself. I hope theres a way around it, if not netflix will lose a lot of uk customers because the uk content is terrible

  110. The problem is only with the XBOX ONE. the 360 work's fine. Do somebody know how to get it work on the xbox one??

  111. Didn't work for me in montreal Canada.
    Keeps showing up as though it is not connected to the internet but when I switch back my settings to automatic instead of manual it works fine..

  112. None working in Canada for me either, getting different error messages, usually ui-800-3.

    I think Netflix is cracking down, hopefully not though.

  113. I bevive the current US DNS addresses have just expired. I need a primary & secondary that'll work in Kelowna, BC.

  114. and works in the on xbox one but why can't i watch anything: this msg shows up…
    This title is not avilable to watch instntly. please try another title. can someone help please…..

  115. Codes are working but not letting me play anything when am on there. Does anyone have the latest uk code for ps3 please

  116. Yeh same am in uk and it working this morning, but stopped working this afternoon on ps3 can't find a code to work, so if anyone has one please let me know as I am lost with out it lol 🙂

  117. Was using:
    But a few hours later it stopped working on the ps3, none of the others are working either as I can't get connected to the Internet, or comes up with error message when I try to load Netflix.

  118. why is the american netflix better than the rest of the worlds, do we not all pay the same rates? lets boycott netflix until we get equal treatment

  119. dns code – I can see all the U.S titles but when i choose one i get "we're having trouble playing this title right now" Toronto ON Canada

  120. Old working in Vancouver until today on ATV.
    Tried other ones. Not working. No place for secondary DNS on ATV….
    Internet stopped working altogether on my iPad until I changed DNS back to local…