Update: Netflix episodes in order?

We haven’t been receiving any reports about out-of-order episodes being posted on Netflix, so they may have fixed their uploading process. If anything is still out of order for you, post in the comments and we’ll get the order up.

Edit: Thanks for the reports, we’ll be doing a major update shortly! –

Coach – Season 9Done!
Mythbusters – Done!
Burn NoticeDone!
Sliders – Seasons 1-3 – Done!
Miami Vice – Season 3Done!
The Women of Brewster Place Done!
Eureka – Done!

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187 thoughts on “Update: Netflix episodes in order?”

  1. life with boys is out of order they are all over the place like the first episode is episode 19 on netflix its really bothering me please fix it

  2. while watching Sliders Season 1 I realized a couple of episodes are missing. When I looked up the episode list these 2 aren't available.

    "Last Days"
    "The Weaker Sex"

  3. I talked to someone from Netflix before stating that the 7th season of emergency was missing and they double chacked and agreeed this season was missing.

  4. Yeah I was like wth! There was not even a warning that it was going to be removed! Normally I look to see what shows or movies are going to be removed but there wasn't anything said about la fea mas Bella! I'm so sad now. Aperantly Hulu has all the episodes. I might have to get Hulu

  5. Could you please post sofia the first season 2 already, my daughter keeps watching season 1 over and over again, it'd be very nice to start watching season 2 now, please and thank you.

  6. I need la fea mas bella back please!!! All of sudden disappear and I really enjoy watching it after work or at any time, and yes, fix the order of the episodes… thanks!

  7. I really enjoyed watching La fea mas Bella and after two months it's gone, why? Please put it back. Who can watch an entire series in less than two months? Please put it back.

  8. La fea más bella is not in order fix it please. And today it said that they "can't retrieve content & the title is most likely not available for playback in your region" but it was working awhile ago fine. FIX IT PLEASE

  9. Episodes of Ghost Whisperer have the correct title but descriptions of other episodes, not the correct description. Making it very confusing when searching for a particular episode.

  10. Ice Road Truckers is listed as only one season and it merges all of the seasons together, thus making me an unhappy customer. 🙁 it's really confusing and frustrating to rewind and reward just in case I missed a scene that explains my confusion. If anyone can let Netflix know for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm lost with how to notify them.

  11. Dance moms is totally messed up, there is an episode from season 2 in season 1 and its so confusing cause I'm sitting there just watching them and its like "well now ill never know who got casted for the star of the music video. . ."

  12. The game is missing episode 20 of season 2, it messes up the storyline going into season 3 please try to fix it, it's been missing for a long time.

  13. Dance Moms is missing lots of episodes, at least one episode is missing between each and every episode of Dance Moms

  14. Dance Moms seems to be missing a lot of episodes. Each episode, it refers to previous episodes, but it's like every other episode is visible for what it shows happened "previously" isn't on Netflix. It gets really confusing.

  15. My Little Pony friendship is magic has episodes that are out of order, according to the wiki. Season three is the most out of order that ive noticed but im sure theres others

  16. Dance moms seems like it skips episodes in between. The "in the next episode" shows things that we never see and the "previously" shows things we never see. I am sort of confused and really want to see more!!

  17. The game season 2 episode 20 not on netflix, obvious to the plot that something is off. A couple of episodes later many things are missing all which were in the 20th episode.

  18. PLEASE fix dance moms on Netflix. I used to be able to get more episodes and now it only displays the first season, and some of the most important episodes are missing!! please fix, I'm staring to wonder why I keep paying for stuff like this.

  19. FIX DANCE MOMS! It will play an episode and then it says "next week on Dance Moms" and the episode that comes up is completely different than what the "next week on Dance Moms" shows us! Please fix! We are missing a lot like this! We even missed their nationals!!!! PLEASE FIX!!!

  20. The descriptions of Ghost Whisperer season 5 episodes don't match, but the right descriptions appear for other episodes. Something is mixed up there.

  21. Season 1 episode 3 says "Dick's First Birthday" as the title, but it actually plays season 5 episode 3, "The Fifth Solomon."

  22. Firefly is still out of order. There are two episodes after the final one with the bounty hunter. I am watching on the Wii, by the way. The episodes don't seem to be terribly important to the story, at least, not as much as some other episodes. I was able to not notice the out of order-ness until I got to them.

  23. the episodes
    "last days"
    "the weaker sex"
    are missing from season 1

    no wonder it all seems out of order

  24. sliders is still out of order
    im annoyed that watching netflix season 2 episode 8 has just given a spoiler for the episode with an asteroid and an a-bomb
    as the characters say it happened in the past.

    which is an episode i have not seen yet on netflix watching sequentially.

    But i know the episode exists as i saw it as a child.
    the screwy order is putting me off using netflix as it shows spoilers this way
    might be better to go back to bit torrent and select them in the correct order

  25. I read on another site that Dance Moms on Netflix is a "collection" or "best of" the series and that is why it is out of order and missing episodes. Apparently it was done intentionally. Annoying to says the least. I watched the first two supposed episodes in "season one" but it's so frustrating I quit. Hopefully Netflix decides to carry entire seasons…in order!

  26. Third Rock From The Sun has just been added to Netflix UK. I am not sure about in other countries. It is definitely in the wrong order!

    For instance, in the second episode on the list the boy is doing homework and in the third he is told he needs to start going to school.

    I am currently watching an episode where the woman is complaining about being a woman and saying she has nothing in common with the females of the earth, long after she has embraced being a woman and loving her breasts and shoes etc episodes earlier…

  27. Dance Moms season 1 is missing several episodes, can you seriously just get your shit together, Netflix? I mean i've been loyal to your company for years and several of my favorite movies have been taken off and now several shows are missing important episodes?! What am I paying for?

  28. Dance moms isn't even correct it says all of season 1 but the very first episode is actually episode 2 and the supposedly episode 2 is actually episode 10! Why???

  29. SERIOUSLY!! Dance Moms needs to be fixed ASAP! Do you see how many people are upset?? First of all, there is only one season (well half a season), second of all, that one season has an episode missing every other episode so it's impossible to ses it all!! Fix the order, add more episodes, and start reading our comments. FIX IT PLEASE

  30. The episodes on dance moms are all out of order. It has all the wrong episodes and some episodes are from season 2 and it says season 1.

  31. Please fix Dance Moms. Totally ruined the season with all the episodes being mixed up and after googling the episode it has showed me that season 2 episode have been thrown in there too! This is not whaf wee pay for fix it asap please or atleat respond! Thanks.

  32. So frustrated with Dance moms netflix needs to respond S1 E6 ckearly ends stating thwy are going to Joffrey audition S1 E7 says it already happend not happy at all with netflix i dont pay for this to skip episodes or condense seasons waiting for reply… not the only show with this problem

  33. All you are talking about dance moms and I'm just over here watching mighty morphin power rangers at 1:28 in the morning wondering why in seems out of sequence. Here it turns out that the episodes are in the wrong order lol

  34. I am reading all the comments regarding Dance Moms. Some of these are over a week old. They are saying the things I want to say so I shall not repeat. No responses from Netflix at all. We are paying customers. You take our money each month and supply us with this website to let us post our concerns about the website that we are paying for. If you care about your customers, how about you read, respond and fix the things wrong with what is listed above. There are so many more options now for streaming videos, I guess if you choose not to fix these issues I can go somewhere else. But I guess you will not respond to that either.

  35. Please please please fix dance moms. It's missing a bunch of episodes and I love this show. Also will you please put all of the seasons on Netflix? Thanks

  36. I love dance moms seeing that old hag Abby saying she's not playing favorites and laughing when that cow dances but the first season isn't even the first season so yeah Netflix $8 to get shows mixed up incomplete shows and remove them just because (South Park loved it) I hope we get it fixed

  37. Dance Moms on Netflix Streaming has spoiled everything! I thought this was in order but it isn't and now I have watched everything out of order and I can't even fill in the blanks because netflix only has 15 out of the 150ish episodes! It looks like this has been going on for 2 years now and It really needs to be fixed.


  39. I agree about Dance Moms – started watching S01Ep01 and it said "previously on Dance Moms' and it seems as if between each episode on Netflix they skip one episode so that the 'on the next episode' at the end of one episode and the 'previously' at the beginning of the next one show an episode that has been missed entirely despite Netflix labelling the episodes as continuous episodes.

  40. Dance Moms is so out of order and it seems like the good episodes are the ones I'm missing. Please please pleaaaseee fix it.

  41. I am so pissed!!!!! Dance Moms is one of my favorite shows and I was really it came to Netflix, but as soon as I started watching it I realized it was all messed up!! We pay too much money for this to be like this! Fix it please

  42. Dance Moms Collection season 1 is all out of order for me as well! They showed one of the final two episodes in the first four! This is so confusing and stinks to find this, especially for a service that is costing us money.

  43. Dance Moms was added a few days ago. It was titled "Dance Moms Collection" and I started watching. The first episode in the stream was titled, "S1: E1" and when I played it, it immediately started off by saying "previously on Dance Moms…" and I'm like, but but but but… this is the first episode yeah?! I said whatever and watched it anyway. The second episode seemed in order and at the end it said they were going to Lake Tahoe for nationals. I was pumped. Well, when the next episode came on, marked S1: E3, it seemed to be the episode after the nationals episode. Said "previously on Dance Moms…" and it showed them going to Lake Tahoe and winning. I'm all, wait wait wait… did I click E5 or E6 by mistake? Nope. Clearly, it was labeled S1: E3. I'm completely bummed. I didn't even realize this was thing that happened. None of the shows I've streamed previously have done this, so… I Googled it and it lead me here. Not sure if this site still does all this but figured I'd just comment anyway. Sorry to everyone who has had their shows do this. I would hate to be spoiled on a show I really really love. This is just a silly reality show. I'd be more pissed than bummed if it was my main shows like Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story… etc. Hope this helps! Cheers!

  44. Missing episode from Magi: The kingdom of magi.
    Missing episode: Leam's Threat
    It's suppose to be episode 18 but it's gone and I don't know why. It use to be on there. There's suppose to have 25 episodes in total.

  45. there are episodes of the t.v show Emergency! missing. for example season 5 nuisance episode. also season 7 is missing. could you update it please?

  46. My fiancée and I just started getting into the show EUREKA in season 1…. well we went to watch it last night when I got home from work and it said "PLAY SEASON 4 EP 1" WE WERE ONLY ON THE FIRST EPISODE!!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON????

  47. Til Death has been reported a few times over the last 2 years and it still isn't fixed. In what's listed as the first episode, Kenny is living with them, then 3 episodes later there is a big todo about him moving in with them. They they're playing tennis with Simona and Frank but 4 episodes later, they meet them for the first time. It's a little ridiculous.

  48. Please please can netflix up date mythbusters for the uk ive seen all 1 t 8 seasons but no more frustrated .com

  49. I don't understand why I am paying for Netflix if my shows will be missing. If you're going to have some of the episodes on there, why no get all of them? Some of the best episodes aren't on there.

  50. Just looking for the missing myth busters episodes. And I don't want to get amazon prime. That's why I pay for Netflix…

  51. Emergency! Season 3 and 5 final episode missing… "Inventions" (Season 3) and "The Nuisance" Season 5, both final episodes… 🙁

  52. Mythbusters is missing episodes. #46 says it's the 100th.
    Early seasons are oddly ordered. In season 1 or 2 Grant comes aboard, but later in 2 or 3 the old host is there (I forget her name).

    There's one group in which:
    1) Kari is 7-8 months pregnant
    2) Kari is not at all pregnant
    3) Kari's temporary substitute is in the episode instead of her
    4) Kari is about 8 months pregnant and there for the first half after which she introduces her temporary sub

  53. Mythbusters mythbusters mythbusters… season 3 episodes 1-3 aew actually the pilot episodes for the show… what the heck?? Way out of whack and still missing some of my favorites. Why can't netflix get it right?

  54. Lost girl Season 2 is a bit out of order. Don't watch "Something Wicked this Fae Comes". It's labeled correctly but it's the season finally. I'm pretty sure it and the last episode "Flesh and Blood" have been reversed. So watch ep. 22 and then start at 2 and work your way up to 21 and back to 1.

  55. Yes, can the missing episodes of mythbusters be updated. I just watched the top 25 special and about a third of their favorites aren't on Netflix and so I haven't seen them.

  56. I just started watching Burn Notice, and after netflix's episode 4, episode 5 made no sense at all…just checked their list against Wikipedia and they have it very very put of whack….but this problem only occurred on my samsung bluray player, I checked on my iPad and the episodes are in the correct order…I am so ticked right now, the shows Netflix had as eps 3 & 4 were the last two eps of the season!

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