Upcoming Netflix Fixes

Some new requests for fixes have come in, so we’ll get on it and post the shows soon (links to the request comment):

If you have any new requests, you can post them in the comments here and we’ll check them out as well. Thanks for keeping a lookout for new shows.

12/14/12: List updated.
12/17/12: American Horror Story added.

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6 thoughts on “Upcoming Netflix Fixes”

  1. Lost Girl. Season 2 is out of order. Don't know if Season 1 is, since I first watched that on Hulu when it was exclusively on there in the US, before SyFy got the contract.

    So far the first and last episode are switched. The second episode listed on Netflix seems to be the second to last. I'm wondering if they're all in reverse order.

    Note: The descriptions and episode titles are in the correct order, but the actual episodes themselved don't correspond with that order.

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