The Tudors – Season 2

New Correct Order 7/28/2011: In order (1-10)  

Old Order (7/20/2011):  1, *Episode 2 missing*, *Episode 3 missing*, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Old Order (7/16): 3, *2 missing*, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

-Seasons 1 and 2 were taken down on 7/1/2011, and brought back up with seasons 1-4.
-The Old Order will remain available here for people who need to look up what episode they were watching previously.
-As of 7/28/2011 Season 2 appears to be In Order.
-Many/all of the Episodes in Season 2 show the wrong thumbnails when fast forwarding through the episodes.

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96 thoughts on “The Tudors – Season 2”

  1. It is almost one year later and Season 2 Episode 1 is wrong! Does anyone have any idea of how to get this fixed?

  2. The complaints to the BBB have paid off. I didn't check every episode but Season 2 is now fixed. I sincerely thank Netflix for standing up and fixing this problem. Daniel, thank you for investing the your time as well.

  3. "Anon said: [Spoiler] and then…Netflix goes down again. I can't believe I actually pay for this shitty service. F&@$ me!"

    Sorry had to remove your comment due to a strict no-spoiler policy. The reason this site exists is to not run into spoilers watching the wrong episode, so no spoilers in the comments please.

  4. Originally I was going to go with a streaming only plan, but after this experience, I canceled Netflix… and bought the Tudors series on DVD instead, lol! Felt like better time+money spent ultimately.

  5. This seems like a very bad time for NetFlix to be making the streaming-only option so unattractive, considering how much they've raised the price of streaming+DVD memberships. Frustrated customers may be likely to quit NetFlix altogether, rather than moving to the lower priced product. I can't believe that's what they want, so why don't they work harder to get streaming right? Again, thank you, NetFlixfixer, for bringing these problems to light!

  6. when I watched yesterday, season 2 was (as someone posted earlier)
    ep 1= correct
    ep 2 = WRONG, DON'T WATCH!!
    ep 3 = repeat of ep 1
    ep 4-10 = correct

    there is a link above to the megavideo website where I was able to watch the correct episodes 2 and 3.

    I appreciate everyone posting, I watched all of season one all jumbled up 🙁 at least I got to watch two in the correct order.

    it appears that season three is correct, at least the first two episodes that I have watched today…

    good luck everyone!

  7. Season 2 still not correct. Episode 1 is correct. What is currently showing as episode 2 and 7 are the same and the actual 2nd episode appears to be missing altogether.

  8. Anonymous @ July 27 2:10pm—Thank you! I have set to record those two episodes tonight and then can continue watching on netflix. No more waiting for netflix to fix it!

  9. BBC America is showing Season 2 Episode 2 and 3 tonight at 10 PM Eastern. It looks like that channel runs Tudors episodes every Wednesday night. Hopefully this will catch me up to where I can start watching Netflix again. Hope this helps!

  10. Hey Daniel, is there any confirmation yet on the new order? I really do appreciate that you try to get an order up for us whenever Netflix decides to be all stupid.

  11. I am Pissed. Call Netflix and they told me that they are aware of the problem and are working on it. They sould like Comcast or the Gas company.

  12. Same as the last person, I watched Season 1 and had the same thing happen to me. Good thing you didn't watch Season 2, because episode 1 was in the right place and then it skipped to another episode where the "In the previous episodes…" bit revealed two characters' executions and the serious illness of another. UGH.

  13. I just finished season 1 and didnt pick up that the episodes were messed up til a certain someone dies(trying not to give away spoilers, but he's shooting for the divorce), then in the next episode he was alive again… thought it was some stupid show what happens, then shoot back with more detail since the credits say "…you only know the end, ya da ya da." Glad I found something like this. PLEASE shoot for getting a season 2 list up. Don't want to start it and get spoilers 🙁

  14. Alright, I just called he customer service. Tell them about the problem, they will tell you they know, bitch about it for a little bit and they will agree to send you 3 disks of the tudors even if you have your max number of disks out. 🙂

  15. Season 2 is most definitely NOT in the correct order. I gave it a break for 4 days, hoping I would come back to it in the correct order. Seems no such luck.

    Everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call



  16. Unbelievable. How can it be so hard for them to get it right? I finally saw Season 1 Episode 10, and can't wait to watch Season 2 Episode 1 … but if there is no Episode 2 and no Epsisode 3, there's no point. I'll have to wait until they get Season 2 put back together properly.

  17. I have watched season 2 recently (7/24 – 7/25) and this is the order in which the episodes should be watched. Note: Episodes 2 and 3 are currently omitted.

    Episode 1 correct,
    Episode 2 MISSING (currently shows Episode 7),
    Episode 3 MISSING (episode 1 repeat),
    Episodes 4 – 10 are in correct order

  18. first they break the interface completely and now this, they need to start accepting email complaints, I called and they seemed completely oblivious to the idea that anyone was upset.

  19. Neflix is ridiculous. What poor customer service. Not a single response to our complaints. Let's all cancel our memberships in September when the price changes. If they won't listen to our voices maybe they'll listen to our wallets!

  20. Season 2 is still messed up even though it says it's correct. Anyone know the correct order to watch them in?

  21. Netflix shows that have both low quality and poor customer service. I would think that they would fix this witin a few hours rather than months.

  22. Is season 2 episode 2 anywhere on netflix??? This is pretty ridiculous…I clicked season 2 episode 2, and it showed some future episode, so I got a bunch of spoilers when it recapped what previously happened!! Now I'm afraid to click around other episodes to see which might be episode 2 in fear of more spoilers!!

  23. Season Two: As of this morning – July 23, 2011

    S2:E1 (Netflix 11) Correct
    S2:E2 (Netflix 12) Missing – shows S2:E17 instead
    S2:E3 (Netflix 13) Repeats Episode 1 (Netflix 11)
    S2:E4 – E20 (Netflix 14-20) is Correct

  24. Season 2 still a mess…and pretty sure some of the early episodes are missing. What's strange is I try to fast forward through some of them and the scrolling scene shots you see are completely different from the episode that plays….Netflix needs to get its s*** together, specially if they want to offer a streaming only plan.

  25. Yea, season 2 is not correct. Episode 2 is still wrong. I just don't get how hard this is to fix. Do I have to go knock on Netflix' door in Los Gatos and do it for them?

    @Anon 5:08p – I had a problem where the audio and video was not sync'd on my PS3, but I kept going in and out of watching it a few times and it corrected. I think it had something to do with stopping it about 15 seconds in and resuming.

  26. Above it says that season 2 is in order today….uh no its not, I saw that post and went on right away to watch s2:e2 and it's still wrong, it's still some later episode

  27. I don't if its happening to anyone else but when I first play an episode there is no sound but I pause it and then click on a scene it comes on.

  28. I'm trying to watch season 1 episode 8 but can't find it. I'm wasting all my time trying to locate it and this is lame!!!

  29. I was just reading some other Netflix blogs…it seems that a lot of the shows they have that u can stream instantly are having problems with missing episodes or wrong episodes…hows that even possible?

  30. freaking A. I can handle them being out of order, but when they are not even there you can't do anything! I just finished Season 2 episode 1 only to find out episodes 2 and 3 aren't even on! If anyone knows of anywhere to watch episodes 2 and 3 for free you should post them

  31. netflix, get your shit together! how long does it take to fix this problem? this post has been going for 3 weeks!!!! you are pissing off your customers just as you are raising prices! it may be time for me to try the HULU service!

  32. I've actually broken down and purchased episodes 2&3 from iTunes since they appear to be missing. Of course, tomorrow it'll be fixed and in the right order…c'mon Netflix, get it together!

  33. Season 2 of The Tudors on Netflix is messed up as of July 20th evening PST. Do not start watching Episode 2 in Season 2. It is a much later episode showing up as E2 and right at the beginning has a spoiler which occurs in a later episode… will kill the fantastic suspense and ruin the fun. if anyone knows the right sequence of season 2 please tell

  34. was forced to read the wikipedia summary of episodes 2 and 3, so unfortunate, it sounds like a lot happened. Mother Fing Netflix, what idiots

  35. Anyone figured out season 2 order yet…? I'm so addicted to this show now and wish I could continue watching episodes haha

  36. Just watched all of season 1 with my boyfriend and we loved it but ended the season pretty confused. Now that I've started in on Season 2 and finding everyone else is having these problems I'm pretty sure Season 1 was completely out of whack when I watched it. FF and REW seem to be showing the accurate episodes but are completely off when I start to play them. If anyone has any luck figuring the order let us know and I'll do likewise! If this persists, I'm calling myself. Thanks for all your blog posts, they've made me realize A.) I'm not the only one super into this show and B.) I am not just an idiot who can't follow the plot …

  37. I didn't realize solo many people watched this show lol that's awesome…yeh Netflix had better get there butts in line and fix what were paying monthly for, I mean really how hard can this possibly be for them especially since this is clearly such a popular and watched show? Boooooo to Netflix for spoiling things cuz they can't do there jobs!

  38. I've noticed that too, with both seasons 1 and 2, sometimes the scenes shown in the FF and REW interface are from a completely different episode (often the correct one). It's quite frustrating. I still haven't seen S1E10 or S2E2, but I'm moving on to S3. I know Elizabeth just ends up being the queen after this is all over anyways… hope that doesn't spoil it for anyone. 😉

  39. I just sat through 4 spoilers trying to find episode 2. All I know now is that episodes 1 and 3 are both the season 2 premiers (Se2ep1) and I can not and will not find 2 without spoiling the rest of the season for myself. Sigh*

  40. I'm hunting down episode 2 as well…
    I don't understand. Why in fucks sake would they change the order, only to change it to the wrong order. How hard is it to go through the episodes and figure it out. If they don't fix this ASAP, I will call and cancel my netflix and just download these damn shows from now on.

    Wow, just realized that when I fast forward and rewind, it shows me a completely different episode in the FF and REW screen than what is actually playing. How frickin' bizzare.

  41. I'm so glad I'm not the only person fuckin pissed and downright frustrated over this! I mean come on…well I for one am going to call Netflix, this shows obviously popular and I personally keep having it ruined for me every time I go to the next episode and it's like 4 episodes ahead or a repeat. Dammit! Well I just checked literally a minute ago and still the episodes in season 2 are messed up…verderers

  42. FYI, the order for season 2 is completely different now.
    Also, if you have not called Netflix to complain, CALL NETFLIX TO COMPLAIN.

  43. I'm fed the fuck up too. Especially since they are raising the prices. Such bullshit. Does anyone know about Season 3?

  44. This is bullshit. Aren't you all pissed off that you actually paid to have Netflix confuse the shit out of you and ruin Season 1 and 2. We should all demand refunds then maybe Neflix will wake the fuck up! Sorry but I'm fed up.

  45. This is so stupid!!!! I have been trying to watch season 2 for three weeks now but I have been waiting for the order to be fixed or at least stay the same because I have already had season 1 ruined for me!

  46. The orders listed here are not correct. Now, ep1 and ep3 are the SAME episode from SEASON 1!! The rest are still messed up. Off to Blockbuster to rent season 2. Seriously considering dropping Netflix. This is ridiculous.

  47. Oh thank you Charles! I was looking for an updated list! You would think with the price increase from Netflix, the least they could do is have the order straight!

  48. Nevermind. There's an app for that. If you have an iPhone or iPad, download "intoNow".

    In the new order, Episode 1 on Netflix is actually Ep 3, Ep 3 is actually Ep 1, Episode 2 is a repeat of Ep 7 (Ep 2 is actually missing), and 4-10 are in the correct order so:

    1= Episode 3
    2= Episode 7
    3= Episode 1
    4= Episode 4
    5= Episode 5
    6= Episode 6
    7= Ep 7
    8= Ep 8
    9= Ep 9
    10= Ep 10

  49. Yes anyone who can list the correct order of season 2 please!! I can't find episode 2 either must be missing!

  50. This is so confusing. The only one I haven't seen now is episode 10 from season 1 and went am trying to figure out season 2 but its just all too screwy. Netflix is becoming a pain.

  51. PS: Thanks so much to those of you kind enough to post your thoughts about the order and such. It's been a big help.

  52. It is netflix's fault that the seasons are out of order not this blog!! The list at the top was correct as of 2 days ago, but it looks as though episode 2 is missing now. You can see how many times the order has changed don't blame this nice person for ruining the season blame netflix!!!

  53. This order isn't right. I feel cheated. Thanks for ruining the season for me (even though I already knew what happened thanks to an amazing world history teacher) with this incorrect list.

  54. Thank you for your help I have been reporting this problem for a while… I can't figure out why they can't get such a popular show right.

  55. Post at the top is totally correct. We spent the last hour looking for episode 7 as we had the unfortunate luck that it was our next episode. Episode 7 has Thomas moored alive which was early in season 2. Thanks so much for posting!

  56. Good site idea. So for me Episodes 10 and 11 are DVD Only which is actually new because this morning 5 was DVD Only. I do not understand the multiple attempts at fixing. Seems like they should take it down and fix it once correctly rather than this game.

  57. It's up now, with seasons three and four added! I checked to see if they fixed what was out of order, but when I hit "play from beginning" on s1:e1, it was still incorrect… Is there a way to reset my Wii so I can see if it has been fixed?

  58. Well, they must have gotten wind of this problem. Less than an hour ago I was going through and got the correct order for Season 2 (Episode 1 is missing!), and now both seasons of the Tudors are DVD-only. Now you can't stream it at all.

  59. This is so frustrating!! I have season 1 figured out. Season 1 is missing episodes 5 and 10.
    Ep1=3 Ep2=6 Ep3=3 Ep4=2 Ep5=1 Ep6=8 Ep7=7 Ep8=9 Ep9=4 Ep10=7

    If you could please share season 2 I would really appreciate it.

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