The Tudors – Season 1

New Correct Order 8/01/2011: In Order (1-10)

Old Order 7/20/2011: 1, 2, *Episode 3 missing*, 4, 5, 6, 10, 8, 9, 7
Old Order (7/17): 1, 2, *Episode 3 missing*, 4,5, 6, *Episode 7 missing*, 8, 9, 10


-Seasons 1 and 2 were taken down on 7/1/2011, and brought back up with seasons 1-4.

-The Old Order will remain available here for people who need to look up what episode they were watching previously.
-What is listed as Episode 10 is actually Episode 7, thus 10 is missing.
-Many/all Episodes show the wrong thumbnails while fast forwarding through the show.
-All episodes now working.

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65 thoughts on “The Tudors – Season 1”

  1. As of today they are still out of order! I can't believe it can be such a hard issue to fix. I have already seen the series once, but I would like to view it in order…

  2. Not sure why it wasn't fixed on my stream, but the show is still streaming and the episodes are STILL out of order. Very frustrating!

  3. I am going to assume this is for American Netflix since my wife and I have started watching post 8-1-11 and they are not in order. We got to episode 3 and it starting showing scenes in the "previous on Tudors" that were not in S1E1 or S1E2. Does anyone know the correct order for Netlfix Canada

  4. Ughhh….tried to watch episode 7 yesterday and today….green bar shows up. When Netflix raises their prices are they going to raise their quality? I'm not sure if I will stick around to find out the answer.

  5. As of right now, I have successfully watched episodes 1-9 of Season 1, even with the constant game of trying to figure out what the order should be. I now need 1.10 to finish the season, but it isn't uploaded. Currently, both 1.7 and 1.10 as they are listed on Netflix give only a black screen with a green bar.

    A heads up to anybody interested: I have twice called to complain, and both times they sent me the actual DVD to make up for it (The first time, the CSR is the one who offered. The second time, I had to ask but they obliged me.) Ask for this and you may get it.

  6. hmm. i made it through season 1, success! now i started season 2 and ep 1 was right, but started ep 2 and it definitely wasn't the right one, and i encountered a spoiler! all of the above comments are about the order of season 1. anyone know anything about season 2, 3, 4?

  7. episode 3 "Wolsey Wolsey Wolsey" played fine for me and in order earlier this evening. It seems that the new order listed earlier in this post is current (with the exception of episode 3 being there now)

  8. episode 3 is still all screwed up. And I tried episode 4 (as one of the posters above said it was reversed with 3), but it was definitely not episode 3 either.

    I have "reported a problem" with that episode on netflix's website multiple times.

  9. this is ridiculous. you need a secret decoder ring to watch netflix. thanks for the efforts trying to descramble a constantly scrambling order.

  10. haven't figured out the earlier ones, but from where I started in Season 1 – 10, 8 , 9, 7 are in that order currently.

  11. S1: E8 definitely is the one that comes after S1: E10. Thats all ive got for now. I think I missed some earlier, so I watched a random one, then started watching the spoilers to see what came next. we'll see what's after E8 tonight.

  12. I contacted Netflix today b/c I was having issues playing Season 1 Episode 6. The rep said that they had not received any complaints from anyone. I thought that was strange considering all the people who have had issues. She wrote up a report and said that they would get it fixed as quickly as possible.

  13. Thank you 1,000+ times for doing this site. NetFlix should be paying you. Started to watch "Episode 7" and immediately knew from the "Previously …" that it was far later than 7 should have been. Very frustrating, after waiting a month to be able to see Episode 3! Sheesh, who's minding the store?

  14. Glad I'm not crazy, though I am so disappointed in this mix up. Apparently I watched the finale of season 1 already. This has been going on too long, Netflix. There should have been a warning posted on the Tudors site before I downloaded it. Due to the pricing increase, I don't have access to the dvds. Will you be offering season 1 on dvd for those of us who have streaming only?

  15. season 1 ep 7 and 10 are the same…looks like netflix changed them again?? grrr I might as well just download the whole season and get it over with.

  16. For me Ep 10 is actually Ep 7, I haven't checked any of the order since last week because I was frustrated with netflix and decided today to check. Ep 10 is the last one from season 1 I still hadn't seen so I checked and according to the list's order and it was really Ep. 7 but Ep. 10 is really Ep. 3.

  17. These are still messed up. Episode 3 is STILL missing. grrr… Thanks for this site though. Great idea. I also thought I was losing my mind.

  18. @anon: unfortunately, the episodes on Netflix are listed in order, that is, it says that Season 1 Ep. 3 is "Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey". Yet, that is Ep. 10 [Not listing due to spoilers!]. So you can't use the episode list to get the proper order, because the titles on Netflix are not the actual episodes listed.

    Furthermore, there ARE spoilers in the episode names, so be careful reading the episodes and descriptions.

  19. Thanks guys, we just updated it again on 7/17 with a new missing episode (#7), yaay ><.
    We'll try to keep on top of the changes, as it seems to update quite frequently. Maybe due to the new cost for streaming-only accounts, they are trying to change their show algorithm to fix this problem (unsuccessfully).

  20. This really sucks, all weekend long I've tried to sort this out during the precious few hours I have to actually watch a movie. Netflix is going up on it's prices too, this tells me a lot.

    Thanks for the help everyone, and as of 7/17 the order is mixed up again from what's posted above.

  21. Just confirming that as of the 17th, episode 3 is missing. What appears as episode 3 (Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey) is an episode that must come much later. So where is the real S1E3?

  22. I'm so happy that I found this site. Unfortunately, it occurred after watching about 1/2 of "episode 3", actually, I guess its the finally to season 1. Wonderful. Is there some reason this cant be fixed, and where the hell is S1E3?!?!

  23. The order appears to have changed yet again (as of the 17th). Please update the post with the corrected order for season 1. (It seems to go wrong at episode 3 and episode 4 is definitely not the 4th episode)

  24. I've mapped The Tudors Seasons 1-4 through what they call season 1 (Listed = Actual)

    1=1, 2=2, 3=10, 4=4, 5=5, 6=6, 7=5, 8=8, 9=9, 10=7.

    So episode 3 is missing, both 5 and 7 are actually 5, while 10 is actually 7 and 3 is actually 10…

    Hope this gets fixed soon

  25. As of 7/16 it seems the order is 1-6, then episode 10. I'm only up to the first 7 so I can't say whats up with the last 3 episodes.

  26. =(

    Ok so i watched them in order…and just thought I was going crazy. Im not watching what is listed as episode 7. And the recap is an episode i havent seent. AHHH!!! Help?

  27. Spoke too soon – After watching #3 and #4, I find the icon for Season 1 Episode 5 now leads to Episode 3. Darn it all!

  28. Precisely – 10 is up, but it's under the icon for #8. #6 is under the icon for #7, #7 is under #6, #8 is under #10, #9 is where it's supposed to be, and #10 is under #8.


  29. Episodes 3 and 5 are the same, and what is listed as episode 10 on Netflix is actually Episode 7. That is why Episode 10 is actually missing, even though we have an Episode 10 listed in the 7th position.
    Unless it changed again, then I'll have to keep checking it over and over ><

  30. Looks like current order for first part of season is…

    1,2,3,4,5,7,6…not sure after that (watching ep6 now). The list you had posted may be correct and had been missing '5' as a typo?

  31. The order doesn't make sense…

    New Correct Order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 6, 10, 8, 9, *Episode 10 missing*

    Episode 5 isn't listed, and 10 is both listed and said to be missing?

    The frustrating part is that my wife and I were on episode 5 or 6 when all of this started. 🙁

  32. I called today. they said they JUST got the new digital copies of the show and will in the "short term future" upload them and have them fixed….yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  33. That's correct: What are listed as 1 and 3 are the same, and what are listed as 7 and 10 are the same – that's why there's 2 episodes missing (and there's no 3 or 7 in our list).

  34. thank you so much for doing this, it's been driving me nuts today. i keep googling the episodes and then trying to figure out what mislabeled episode is what i should watch next.

    of course i got to episode 5, and i was sad when i confirmed here that it AND episode 10 are missing… are there some episodes that repeat, since they show 10 available? urgh.

    thanks again.

  35. You're right, it's very entertaining! And thanks to your site, I know in advance I'll need to get episodes 5 & 10 on disc.

  36. Thank you so much for this site! I started trying to go through the episodes – and saw one spoiler – before I thought to check here. You saved me from seeing more spoilers!

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