CordCuttingWorld Still Supports Net Neutrality

You might have noticed we had a big pop-up sign up to call your representatives about Net Neutrality:
We received some feedback that it’s not too relevant for many of the Canadians who visit the site, and so we took it down. CordCuttingWorld still supports Net Neutrality though and we hope you’ll make your voice be heard by calling in:

Even for people in other countries, try to pay some attention to the US internet issues because they may be coming your way next. As avid streamers this is especially important to us: we can’t imagine paying for tiered internet access, having our data sold to the highest bidder, and losing network speed even more than our current lagging infrastructure. Please do your part and make sure your representative knows this is an important issue to you, because the FCC thinks they can slip this by while no one is watching.

We defeated SOPA, we defeated PIPA, and we have to defeat this. Thanks.


Verizon (and other ISPs) Admit They are Throttling Netflix Connection Speeds

As, #Cordcutters there’s a bit of a Catch-22 in that we free ourselves of expensive and corrupt Cable companies like Time Warner and Comcast, but we replace it with online viewing run by companies like… Time Warner’s “Spectrum” and Comcast’s “Xfinity”. Now even the non-cable ISP giants are getting in on the corruption action:

Verizon admits to throttling Netflix in apparent violation of net neutrality [US] from netflix

It’s no wonder, since Trump’s pick to head the FCC, Ajit Pai, the person whose job it is to oversee Net Neutrality violations is a former Verizon lawyer and wants to do away with Net Neutrality altogether. Interestingly, the main argument for scrapping Neutrality is that it’s a “non issue”; that ISPs won’t throttle data from sites like Netflix that compete with their own services. Well Mr. Pai, what do you have to say about your former employers at Verizon now?

What’s a streamer to do?

There’s not much you can to do stop your ISP from throttling data. First, make sure you try to make your voice be heard about Net Neutrality by writing your representatives. Second, if you want to keep the net free, make sure you remember that it’s an important issue and research your candidates’ positions before you vote. Third, we have been using a VPN for over a year now and are very happy with it – if all your traffic goes through a VPN server, then your ISP doesn’t know where the packets are coming from, including Netflix traffic. There have definitely been times where Netflix has been slow for us, we turn on the VPN, and it speeds right up. Hiding your traffic from your ISP and anyone else who might be snooping on you is only going to become more important over time.

If you are interested, check out our 15% off coupon for StrongVPN. You don’t have to use the one we suggest, but it has been working for us nicely and you should find one that works for you before Pai makes Netflix unusable.

Above: an establishment overseer whispers sweet nothings to his yes-man

Update 7/22: Here’s some more video evidence. Definitely watch it to see how to turn some throttling off on your phone!

After watching, we found the option in AT&T wireless to turn off their on-by-default data throttling “stream saver”:

July 12th is Day of Action for Net Neutrality

As a Cordcutter, you probably know about Net Neutrality – the government regulation that forces ISPs to treat all internet traffic the same without making certain sites slower, or charging for “internet fast lanes”. The current administration in the US has put Ajit V. Pai in charge of the FCC, and he has vowed to get rid of Net Neutrality for his lobbyists at AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon.

We defeated SOPA, we defeated PIPA, and now we have to defeat the FCC reclassification that would allow internet fast lanes once again. Here’s TotalBiscuit for more: 

So go to and write your representatives. They often say no one is reaching out to them and that it must not be an important issue, but it is! Cordcuttingworld stands with internet freedom, please do your part and take a minute to write your representatives.