New Blog! Stop watching Netflix episodes out of order!

This is a blog spawned from the frustration we’ve had finding the correct order of Netflix TV show episodes when they are out of order. For example, we were watching Whale Wars, Season 3 streaming on Netflix, and realized that one episode a certain boat was sinking, then in the next episode, that boat was just fine, then it had sunk a long time ago, etc. It turns out the correct order to watch the show in was: 9, 2, 11, 12, 3, 8, 7, 6, 4, 1, 5, 10, 13 – completely random, hard to find online, and incredibly hard to figure out on your own without spoiling all of the important plot elements of the story since they were labelled as the correct episodes! Then we watched The Tudors, Season 2, and they were all out of order as well.

We decided that the best way to remedy the situation would be an easily searchable blog which contains no spoilers(!) about the episode contents. By quickly searching the left bar of NetflixFixer, you can see if the show you’re about to watch is out of order, and find the correct order to watch it in. If you find a show that’s out of order that we don’t know about, leave a comment on a recent topic, or email tips [at] netflixfixer [dot] com, and we’ll get it posted in it’s own section. If you find an order correction, post it in the comments for that show, and we’ll investigate and/or check the majority decision and update the main post.

Many people ask why we don’t simply click the “Report a problem” link on Netflix and leave it at that. When we reported on The Tudors, Netflix took the whole show down making it “disc only.” This makes it impossible to stream the show even if you do know the correct order, and is especially bad after the streaming and disc plans for Netflix were disconnected from eachother. I don’t mind if this blog becomes completely unnecessary because the shows are all fixed – and hopefully someone at Netflix can see the correct order here and simply plug them in – but until that happens we’ll keep posting the correct orders here so that people don’t inadvertently jump into the wrong episode and find out that a character is dead, people got divorced, the aliens have been repelled, etc. Get started by loading up on your smartphone right before you start a new show on Netflix. Check the left column for your show, and leave a comment!

UPDATE: As of September 4th, 2012, has been upgraded to! We are hard at work adding shows based on your requests and will continue to post them. Stay updated by following us on Twitter @NetflixFixer, Facebook, and subscribing to our RSS feed.

All Netflix content, and the Netflix logo are property of Netflix! This blog is not associated with them, and anything said here should not be taken as such. We are a group of Netflix fans trying to make it easier for other people to enjoy the instant streaming experience on Netflix, and hope it plays an ever-increasing role compared to cable/TV in the future.