White House Correspondents Dinner – Where to Watch

It’s going to be a Correspondents Dinner of a different sort this year, as Trump isn’t going, and everyone involved has vowed not to pull any punches.

Don’t let the statement that the president is busy at a rally fool you: he said he’s not going long before the rally was planned. The truth is, he’s not very good at being roasted – watch him sit stone-faced and incredibly cringey at Obama’s Correspondents Dinner in 2011:

Where to watch it?

The 2017 Correspondents Dinner will be live-streamed on CSPAN’s YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVRQ9Dlh6X8

It’s also on WaPo’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/washingtonpost/videos/10155050625992293

The Not White House Correspondents Dinner #NotTheWHCD will be live-streamed on Samantha Bee’s Twitterhttps://twitter.com/i/live/850430976572260352

They’re all starting right now! (Saturday, 4/29/2017)

Eureka Seasons 1-3 Removed from Netflix and Hulu, are Free with Prime

Update 4/27/2017: We’ve been getting more people looking for Eureka on Netflix, so we checked and unfortunately it’s not on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. It’s no longer free with any of the 3. The only options to watch it are to buy it on Amazon Video, buy a DVD , or wait for SyFy to upload a new season. In other words there’s no where good to stream it!

Update 5/19/2015: Dennis writes in the comments that Eureka is no longer free on Amazon Prime. Sorry for the confusion from this outdated information!

We have Amazon Prime and they charged me for watching season 1 ep. 1-4. I thought we did not need to pay but my wife said they charged us for the episodes. You will not get for free Eureka season 1-5 on Amazon Prime.

We previously posted that Seasons 1-4 were in order on Netflix, and that Season 5 had arrived. Well now Netflix has removed seasons 1-3 as of this morning, October 1st. Strangely, when you search for “Eureka” on Hulu, they’ve removed all traces of the show, even with Hulu Plus:

It’s very odd, and we can only assume that either Eureka was only licensed to both companies for a limited time, or they’re planning an exclusive somewhere else later. Or maybe someone paid more for the exclusive right to stream the show…

There is good news!

All episodes of Eureka are up for free on Amazon Instant Video if you have Amazon Prime. (see update above!) Simply go to Amazon to watch them free with Prime, $1.99 each without it, or $2.99 for HD.

Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5

We appreciate you taking our links in to show them that we sent you – even though the episodes are free and they won’t change the price on anything. Thanks!

Thanks to Anonymous and Anonymous for reporting it in the comments. Keep reporting anything you see missing or out of order in our anonymous-enabled comments, and we’ll often either figure out what happened or find somewhere to watch it.

25 Paranormal Y.A./Teen Romance Adaptations Available to Stream

You might note that some of these are varying levels of “Paranormal” or “Romance”, but if you’re looking to scratch that Twilight itch, here’s what’s streaming.

Note: The shows/movies are ordered by Metacritic review scores out of 100, shown on the left. Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix logos link to stream it – Amazon logos are free to stream with Amazon Prime unless it’s noted with “(Not Available Free)” – then it’s not free on any of the 3.Paranormal Teen Romance Available to Stream screen

New School:

79 – Being Human (UK) (2008-2013)  –  (image)
Amazon74 avg. (64/63/82/81/71/78/65/87) – Harry Potter (2001-2011) (Not Available Free)
Amazon66 – Stardust (2007)
62 – Sky High (2005)
Amazon61 – Teen Wolf TV Show (2011-)
60 – Being Human (US) (2011-2014)
60 – The Magicians (2015-) (Season 1 on Netflix, Season 2 for a limited time on SyFy)
Amazon59 – Warm Bodies (2013) (Not Available Free)
59 – Bitten (2014-)
Amazon52 – Beautiful Creatures (2013) (Not Available Free)
52 – The Originals (2013-)
52 – The Shannara Chronicles (2016-)
Amazon51 avg. (56/44/58/45/52) – Twilight (2008-2012) (Only Twilight is on Netflix, the rest cost money on Amazon)
50 – Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)
50 – Witches of East End (2013-2014)
45 – Hemlock Grove (2013-2015)
huluAmazon36 – I Am Number Four (2011) (Only on Hulu with Showtime addon, or with Amazon Channels addon)
Amazon33 – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) (Not Available Free)
30 – Vampire Academy (2014)

Old school (90’s):

hulu80 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)
75 – Angel (1999-2004)
71 – The Crow (1994)
Amazonhulu65 – Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996-2003)
63 (IMDB) – The Craft (1996)
Amazon63 – The Lost Boys (1987) (Not Available Free)

What’s Coming to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu & HBO – April 2017 by Review Scores

The first number is the score out of 10 on IMDB (scores over 80 are green and over 70 are light green). ‘NA’ is for Not Available or not released yet, and for TV shows it’s usually the score for whole series. We put a ‘*’ by a few choices we personally like. Enjoy!

Top 15 April 1st Releases (with links)

8.9 (Netflix) Schindler’s List
8.6 (Hulu) The Usual Suspects -1995
8.5 (Hulu) Pony Express -1953
8.3 (HBO) Unforgiven
8.2 (HBO) The Deer Hunter
8.1 (Amazon) There Will Be Blood
8.0 (Hulu) Dancer -2016 (65 on Metacritic)
8.0 (Hulu) JFK -1991
8.0 (HBO) Slumdog Millionaire
7.9 (Hulu) Almost Famous -2000
7.8 (Hulu) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off -1986
7.8 (Hulu) Serpico -1973 (87 on Metacritic)
7.7 (Hulu) The Warriors -1979
7.7 (HBO) Breaking Away
7.6 (Amazon) Chaplin

Full List

April 1

5.5 (Netflix) A Weekend with the Family
7.5 (Netflix) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) *
7.4 (Netflix) Across the Universe
6.9 (Netflix) An American Tail
6.5 (Netflix) An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
6.2 (Netflix) An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster
7.1 (Netflix) Boy Bye
NA (Netflix) Born To Be Free
6.9 (Netflix) Cool Runnings
7.2 (Netflix) Good Witch, season 2
7.2 (Netflix) Gremlins *
6.3 (Netflix) Only for One Night
6.6 (Netflix) Richard Pryor: Live & Smokin’
4.9 (Netflix) Scooby-Doo
8.9 (Netflix) Schindler’s List
6.7 (Netflix) Something’s Gotta Give
6.3 (Netflix) Thunderstruck
7.2 (Netflix) Wynonna Earp, season 1
6.8 (Netflix) Trouble with the Curve
7.0 (Netflix) Tropic Thunder
5.7 (Netflix) The Tenth Man

7.9 (Amazon) Almost Famous
7.6 (Amazon) Chaplin
5.9 (Amazon) Days of Thunder
7.6 Amazon) Eddie Murphy Raw
7.3 (Amazon) Election
6.3 (Amazon) Ella Enchanted
6.6 (Amazon) Kiss the Girls
6.2 (Amazon) Mulholland Falls
7.5 (Amazon) Robocop *
5.7 (Amazon) Robocop 2
6.8 (Amazon) Saturday Night Fever
7.5 (Amazon) Searching for Bobby Fischer *
4.9 (Amazon) Sliver
6.8 (Amazon) The Ghost and the Darkness
8.1 (Amazon) There Will Be Blood
7.0 (Amazon) Tommy Boy
6.8 (Amazon) What If

5.2 (Hulu) A Horse Tale (2015)
7.0 (Hulu) Affliction (1998)
5.0 (Hulu) Agent Cody Banks (2003)
7.9 (Hulu) Almost Famous (2000)
4.6 (Hulu) Ben Collins: Stunt Driver (2015)
6.2 (Hulu) The Big Empty (2003)
2.9(Hulu) Bigfoot Country (2012)
5.8 (Hulu) The Burrowers (2009)
5.6 (Hulu) Cadillac Man (1990)
5.3 (Hulu) Call Me (1988)
4.2 (Hulu) Casual Encounters (2016)
7.6 (Hulu) Chaplin (1993)
7.5 (Hulu) Chosen (2016)
8.0 (Hulu) Dancer (2016)
5.9 (Hulu) Days of Thunder (1990)
7.6(Hulu) Eddie Murphy Raw (1987)
7.3 (Hulu) Election (1999)
6.3 (Hulu) Federal Hill (1994)
7.0 (Hulu) Felicia’s Journey (1999)
7.8 (Hulu) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)
5.8 (Hulu) Fifteen and Pregnant (1997)
4.0 (Hulu) Fight to the Finish (2016)
6.6 Hulu) Flyboys (2006)
6.3 (Hulu) Frankenstein (2004)
5.8 (Hulu) Gator (1976)
5.8 (Hulu) The Giant King (2012)
6.8 (Hulu) The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)
5.7 (Hulu) Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)
6.5 (Hulu) Happy Endings (2005)
5.4 (Hulu) Hemingway’s Garden of Eden (2010)
7.6 (Hulu) The Hours (2002)
6.2 (Hulu) I.Q. (1994)
6.4 (Hulu) In Old California (1942)
8.0 (Hulu) JFK (1991)
6.3 (Hulu) Kill Me Again (1989)
NA (Hulu) Kingdom of Blood (2016)
6.6 (Hulu) Kiss the Girls (1997)
5.6 (Hulu) The Magnificent Seven Ride (1972)
7.6 (Hulu) March of the Penguins (2005)
6.2 (Hulu) Mulholland Falls (1996)
4.5 (Hulu) NYC Underground (2013)
6.0 (Hulu) Original Sin (2001)
5.7 (Hulu) Out of the Inferno (2016)
7.1 (Hulu) Payback (1999)
6.7 (Hulu) The People vs. George Lucas (2011) *
8.5 (Hulu) Pony Express (1953)
6.6 (Hulu) The Puffy Chair (2007)
5.9 (Hulu) Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)
5.8 (Hulu) Return of the Living Dead 4 (2006)
5.7 (Hulu) Return of the Living Dead 5 (2007)
6.5 (Hulu) Road Trip (2000)
7.5 (Hulu) Robocop (1987)
5.7 (Hulu) Robocop 2 (1990)
3.9 (Hulu) Robocop 3 (1992)
6.8 (Hulu) Saturday Night Fever (1977)
7.5 (Hulu) Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)
7.8 (Hulu) Serpico (1973)
4.9 (Hulu) Sliver (1993)
6.1 (Hulu) The Switch (2010)
5.8 (Hulu) Tapeheads (1988)
7.4 (Hulu) Thelma & Louise (1991)
7.0 (Hulu) Tommy Boy (1995)
4.3 (Hulu) Trail of Blood (2013)
6.5 (Hulu) Twice Upon a Yesterday (1999)
NA (Hulu) Under the Sea (2009)
8.6 (Hulu) The Usual Suspects (1995)
7.7 (Hulu) The Warriors (1979)
7.0 (Hulu) Wicker Park (2004)

5.5 (HBO) Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
6.4 (HBO) Be Kind, Rewind
7.7 (HBO) Breaking Away
7.3 (HBO) Cape Fear
5.8 (HBO) Criminal Activities
7.3 (HBO) Crimson Tide
6.1 (HBO) Dragon Blade
7.2 (HBO) Fast Times at Ridgemont High
4.8 (HBO) Herbie: Fully Loaded
6.6 (HBO) Hollywood Ending
6.0 (HBO) Kicks
7.4 (HBO) Last Man Standing
6.4 (HBO) Mamma Mia!
4.9 (HBO) Operation Dumbo Drop
7.0 (HBO) Play Misty for Me
6.4 (HBO) Rat Race
8.0 (HBO) Slumdog Millionaire
6.1 (HBO) Speed Racer
7.5 (HBO) The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
6.9 (HBO) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
8.2 (HBO) The Deer Hunter
7.4 (HBO) The Simpsons Movie
5.3 (HBO) The Wild Life
8.3 (HBO) Unforgiven
6.2 (HBO) Urban Cowboy
NA (HBO) Y mañana Navidad (aka Merry Christmas)

April 2 – 14

5.0 (Netflix) The D Train
7.7 (Netflix) Chewing Gum, season 2
NA (Netflix) Louis C.K. 2017
6.4 (Netflix) Disney’s The BFG
7.8 (Netflix) El Faro De Las Orcas
6.1 (Netflix) Dawn of the Croods, season 3
8.5 (Netflix) The Get Down, part 2
7.2 (Netflix) Win It All
7.9 (Netflix) Kubo and the Two Strings *
8.1 (Netflix) Documentary Now!, season 2
5.7 (Netflix) Kevin Hart: What Now
7.0 (Netflix) DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, season 2
6.7 (Netflix) Chelsea, season 2
7.2 (Netflix) El Elegido
NA (Netflix) Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return
NA (Netflix) Sandy Wexler

6.7 (Amazon) Hello, My Name Is Doris
5.6 (Amazon) The Last Exorcism
4.6 (Amazon) Precious Cargo
8.3 (Amazon) Tumble Leaf
NA (Amazon) American Playboy, season 1
5.9 (Amazon) Barbershop: The Next Cut
6.7 (Amazon) In a World
4.8 (Amazon) The Perfect Match

5.9 (Hulu) Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016)
3.4 (Hulu) Beyond the Edge (2016)
5.1 (Hulu) Camp Lakebottom: Complete Season 1
6.7 (Hulu) Hello, My Name Is Doris (2016)
6.7 (Hulu) In A World (2013)
8.1 (Hulu) Preacher: Complete Season 1
4.6 (Hulu) Precious Cargo (2016)
8.0 (Hulu) Short Term 12 (2013)
4.5 (Hulu) Swelter (2014)
6.8 (Hulu) The Babadook (2014)
5.6 (Hulu) The Last Exorcism (2010)
4.8 (Hulu) The Perfect Match (2016)

NA (HBO) Abortion: Stories Women Tell
6.9 (HBO) Saving My Tomorrow Part 5
NA (HBO) La cosa humana (aka Human Thing)
7.1 (HBO) War Dogs
7.5 (HBO) Search Party
8.3 (HBO) Psi, season 3 premiere
7.3 (HBO) La gunguna

April 15 – 21

6.9 (Netflix) Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
7.2 (Netflix) Slam
NA (Netflix) Lucas Brothers: On Drugs
7.7 (Netflix) A Plastic Ocean
NA (Netflix) Bill Nye Saves the World, season 1
NA (Netflix) Girlboss, season 1
NA (Netflix) Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, season 1
NA (Netflix) Sand Castle
8.4 (Netflix) Tales by Light, season 2
6.0 (Netflix) The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show, season 4
8.5 (Netflix) The Prestige *
7.5 (Netflix) Tramps

6.4 (Hulu) Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013)
5.6 (Hulu) Den Brother (2010)
NA (Hulu) DOT: Complete Season 1A
6.4 (Hulu) Johnny Tsunami (1999)
NA (Hulu) Election Day: Lens Across America (2016)
6.7 (Hulu) L.A. Story: Complete Season 2
8.4 (Hulu) My Hero Academia: Complete Season 1 (Dubbed)
5.9 (Hulu) Sid the Science Kid: Complete Seasons 1 and 2
6.6 (Hulu) Sid the Science Kid: The Movie
5.7 (Hulu) Stuck in the Suburbs (2004)
5.8 (Hulu) Teen Beach Movie (2013)
6.3 (Hulu) The Even Stevens Movie (2003)
6.4 (Hulu) Tiger Cruise (2004)
6.3 (Hulu) Warpath (1951)

April 22 – 30

8.6 (Netflix) The Great British Baking Show: Masterclass, seasons 1–3
6.6 (Netflix) The Secret Life of Pets
6.3 (Netflix) Liv and Maddie, season 4
5.9 (Netflix) Phantom
5.3 (Netflix) Long Nights Short Mornings
7.3 (Netflix) Queen of Katwe
7.1 (Netflix) The 101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared
NA (Netflix) Vir Das: Abroad Understanding
NA (Netflix) Real Rescues, seasons 6–7
7.0 (Netflix) Trust
NA (Netflix) Las Chicas del Cable, season 1
7.3 (Netflix) A Murder in the Park
7.8 (Netflix) Casting JonBenet
6.2 (Netflix) Dear White People, season 1
NA (Netflix) Rodney King
8.2 (Netflix) Small Crimes
7.1 (Netflix) Sofia the First, season 3

8.1 (Amazon) The Handmaiden
6.3 (Amazon) The Love Witch
7.4 (Amazon) Fortitude, season 2
6.1 (Amazon) American Pastoral
8.3 (Amazon) Bosch, season 3
6.8 (Amazon) Thirteen, season 1
6.9 (Amazon) Thunderbirds are Go!, season 3
7.0 (Amazon) American Honey
8.2 (Amazon) Catastrophe, season 3
8.1 (Amazon) Animal Kingdom, season 1

7.6 (Hulu) Top of the Lake: Complete Season 1
7.5 (Hulu) Wayward Pines: Complete Season 2
NA (Hulu) The Handmaid’s Tale (series premiere)
8.0 (Hulu) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Complete Season 4

6.3 (HBO) Suicide Squad (theatrical & extended versions)
8.0 (HBO) The Leftovers, season 3 premiere
8.2 (HBO) Veep, season 6 premiere
6.9 (HBO) Indignation
NA (HBO) The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
6.9 (HBO) Saving My Tomorrow: Kids Love the Earth
8.5 (HBO) Silicon Valley, season 4 premiere
8.7 (HBO) The Memory of Justice
NA (HBO) 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
6.0 (HBO) Victor Frankenstein

Rulers Face Off in New Game of Thrones Trailer

Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister face off for the throne  (as well as someone else…) in the new Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer.

Potential Spoilers from past seasons:

Keep in mind these aren’t the only people vying for the throne, you’ve got plenty of surviving characters who might be interested:

  • Daenerys Targaryen – Top 3 for sure.
  • Jon Snow – Top 3 for sure.
  • Cersei / Jaime Lannister – Top 3 for sure.
  • Night King – You can’t count out the bad guy in a GRRM novel.
  • Petyr Baelish / Sansa Stark – A startup house could reach the throne, but they’ll probably throw in with Jon.
  • Gendry (Baratheon) – Everyone forgets that Gendry is Robert Baratheon’s son even though he doesn’t know.
  • Melisandre / Davos Seaworth – Without Stannis these two could possibly make a move, though they probably won’t.
  • Arya / Bran / Benjen Stark – They’re Starks and have some claim if Jon doesn’t make it.
  • Lyanna Mormont – Everyone likes this little girl, who knows how far she’ll go.
  • Olenna Tyrell – She’s pissed and good at the chess game of power.
  • Jaqen H’ghar – Calling it now: one of the above finally sits down on the throne, then takes off their mask to reveal the Many Faced God, winks at the camera, and the series ends.

Here’s a chart:

If you’re a cordcutter without HBO, keep in mind that you can get it on Amazon, and there’s a 7 day free trial. It’s definitely been worth a periodic subscription to binge all the shows along with each new season of Game of Thrones.

6 Things You Should Know About Netflix “Super HD”

Lots of people have been asking about the new “Super HD” from Netflix, what it is, how to get it etc. So here’s some info to get you started:

Click to enlarge. Notice how Regular and Super HD are the same resolution, but Super HD is more crisp and less blurry. This takes a lot more bandwidth, so be careful if you have data caps! Call your internet provider if you can’t handle SuperHD and tell them you want it (both the technology, and higher data caps).

What is Netflix Super HD

  • Netflix “Super HD” is at the same 1080p maximum resolution, but delivers a clearer picture by using more bandwidth (think high quality jpeg vs low quality jpeg that are the same resolution, but the one with better quality is a larger file).
  • In your Netflix settings, “Low” takes up about .3 GB per hour, “Medium” take .7 GB per hour, “High” takes up to 3GB per hour, and “Auto” updates based on your connection. If SuperHD is available, High and Auto can both get it, assuming your connection to Netflix is fast enough.
  • Not all ISP’s are currently offering Super HD, as they have to agree to Netflix’ “Open Connect” – which lets people stream video from peer-to-peer instead of only directly from Netflix. It makes sense, if Netflix just sent me “Air Bud”, and my neighbor starts streaming the same thing, why not have me send him some of it while Netflix sends him the rest? Of course the “anti-net neutrality” lobby like Time Warner would have you believe otherwise. ISP’s need to directly set up “Open Connect” with Netflix, so if they haven’t, you can’t stream Super HD no matter how fast your internet connection is.
    • To see if your ISP is Super HD ready and to sign up, go to https://signup.netflix.com/superhd and submit your account. If you can, you’ll see a message that says, “Your internet provider is ready for Super HD!”
Click to enlarge. This is the Super HD message for Cox Communications.
  • If your provider is against Open Connect or just hasn’t set up with Netflix yet, you’ll receive a message that says, “Your Internet provider is not configured for Super HD yet.” While we understand that many people don’t have many options for ISPs, be sure to let yours know that you don’t appreciate them holding you back from superior technology. Similarly, if you have data caps you’re not going to want to stream Super HD – call your ISP and tell them you’re going to cancel*.
Super HD 1080p:
Regular 1080p: 

Open these in two separate tabs and switch back and forth. You’ll see the first one has more crisp stars and the back windows of the flying ship, while the second’s a slightly blurry, but both are 1080p.

  • Along with Super HD, Netflix is introducing some 3D technology for those of us with the proper equipment, but your Internet Service Provider will need to agree to similar “Open Connect” terms with Netflix.

How you can hold your ISP accountable

*One tip for talking to cable companies and ISPs: If you’re having and issue, call and tell them you want to cancel service on the first of the next month (you already paid for this month after all). That gets you off the line with a low level Customer Service rep whose job is to get you off the phone, and to the high level “Customer Retention Specialist” that can actually offer discounts and extras for free. Be polite, but firmly go through with the cancellation request for the first of the month if they don’t offer you anything adequate to make up for it. Then, if you haven’t found a better offer in the next few days, call back and cancel your cancellation – you can bet the executives notice any major increases in cancellations from a bunch of people wanting Netflix SuperHD.
Updated 3/10/2017 with better screenshots and more info.

Everything Coming to Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu in March 2017 by Review Scores

The first number is the score out of 100 on Metacritic (and scores over 80 are green and over 70 are light green). IMDB scores are used if Metacritic score isn’t available, or ‘NA’ for Not Available or not released yet. For series it’s the review score for whole thing unless there’s a separate score available for the specific season. Enjoy!

Top 16

87 (Netflix) Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare) (6.9 on IMDB) – March 21
86 (Netflix) Thithi – March 9
86 (Netflix) Million Dollar Baby – March 13
85 (Netflix) This Is Spinal Tap – March 1
85 (Netflix) Trailer Park Boys: Season 11 – March 31
85 (Hulu) Ordinary People (Showtime add-on) – March 1
85 (Hulu) Fargo: Complete Season 2 – March 17
84 (Hulu) Steven Universe: Complete Season 3 – March 10
84 (Amazon) Orphan Black – Season 4 – March 16
83 (Hulu) Up in the Air – March 1
83 (Amazon/Hulu) Everybody Wants Some!! – March 17
83 (Netflix) Who Framed Roger Rabbit – March 24
82 (Amazon/Netflix) Chicago – March 1
82 (Hulu) A Simple Plan (1998) – March 1
81 (Netflix) Midnight in Paris – March 1
81 (Hulu) Counterfeit Cat: Complete Season 1 – March 17

Full List:

March 1

11 (Amazon) Nine Lives
59 (Amazon) Anthropoid
76 (Amazon) What We Do In The Shadows
82 (Amazon) Chicago
57 (Amazon) Hannibal
45 (Amazon) Hoodwinked
64 (Amazon) The Cutting Edge: Going For The Gold
78 (Amazon) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
55 (Amazon) The Gambler
54 (Amazon) Charlie Bartlett
27 (Amazon) Vampire In Brooklyn

63 (Netflix) Angry Birds: Season 2
NA (Netflix) Dirt Every Day: Season 1
NA (Netflix) Epic Drives: Season 2
NA (Netflix) Head 2 Head: Season 2
NA (Netflix) Hot Rod Unlimited: Season 1
NA (Netflix) Ignition: Season 1
59 (Netflix) Kate and Mim-Mim: Season 2
NA (Netflix) Roadkill: Season 2

78 (Netflix) Blazing Saddles
82 (Netflix) Chicago
59 (Netflix) Deep Run
35 (Netflix) Friday After Next
NA (Netflix) Impossible Dreamers
68 (Netflix) Jurassic Park
42 (Netflix) Jurassic Park III
57 (Netflix) Know Your Enemy — Japan
73 (Netflix) Kung Fu Panda
77 (Netflix) Let There Be Light (1946)
80 (Netflix) Memento
81 (Netflix) Midnight in Paris
52 (Netflix) Nacho Libre
79 (Netflix) Nazi Concentration Camps (1945)
77 (Netflix) Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane
NA (Netflix) San Pietro
61 (Netflix) Singing with Angels
70 (Netflix) Sustainable
69 (Netflix) Slums of Beverly Hills
68 (Netflix) The Craft
85 (Netflix) This Is Spinal Tap
55 (Netflix) Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny
59 (Netflix) The Lost World: Jurassic Park
74 (Netflix) The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress
60 (Netflix) The Negro Soldier (1944)
64 (Netflix) Thunderbolt
69 (Netflix) Tunisian Victory

39 (Hulu) National Treasure (6.9/10 on IMDB)
57 (Hulu) 13 Going on 30
64 (Hulu) 52 Pick Up
18 (Hulu) A Company Man
82 (Hulu) A Simple Plan (1998)
72 (Hulu) The Adventure of Buckaroo Banzai
68 (Hulu) The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
68 (Hulu) American Heart
24 (Hulu) American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America
54 (Hulu) Ancient Aliens Origins
48 (Hulu) And While We Were Here
46 (Hulu) Badges of Fury
49 (Hulu) Battle Ground
56 (Hulu) The Big Kahuna
64 (Hulu) Born to be Blue (Showtime add-on)
53 (Hulu) Carrie (7.4 on IMDB)
42 (Hulu) The Rage: Carrie 2
19 (Hulu) Cavemen
54 (Hulu) Charlie Bartlett
68 (Hulu) Clueless
57 (Hulu) Code 46 (Showtime add-on) *CordCuttingWorld approved!
36 (Hulu) Commitment (2013) (6.8 on IMDB)
71 (Hulu) Confession of Murder
45 (Hulu) The Courier
13 (Hulu) Curse of the Zodiac
69 (Hulu) The Cutting Edge
64 (Hulu) The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold
NA (Hulu) Dead Man’s Bounty
59 (Hulu) Doomsday Book
48 (Hulu) Dummy
54 (Hulu) Eastern Bandits
53 (Hulu) Enemy at the Gates (Showtime add-on)
43 (Hulu) The Final Cut (Showtime add-on)
68 (Hulu) Flash Point
NA (Hulu) Floating City
27 (Hulu) The Fog (2005)
NA (Hulu) The Four
55 (Hulu) The Gambler
65 (Hulu) Gang Related
77 (Hulu) The Ghost Writer (Showtime add-on)
35 (Hulu) The Guillotines
57 (Hulu) Hannibal (2001)
65 (Hulu) I Love You Phillip Morris (Showtime add-on)
79 (Hulu) Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport
61 (Hulu) The Karate Kid (1984)
59 (Hulu) The Karate Kid: Part 2
50 (Hulu) The Karate Kid 3
54 (Hulu) Kid Cannabis
61 (Hulu) Killer Klowns from Outer Space
58 (Hulu) King of the Mountain
58 (Hulu) The Kings of the Streets
80 (Hulu) The Last Tycoon
32 (Hulu) Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit
70 (Hulu) Little Big Soldier
52 (Hulu) Lost Highway (Showtime add-on)
55 (Hulu) Lost in Thailand
78 (Hulu) The Man from Nowhere
65 (Hulu) Miami Vice (2006)
68 (Hulu) Mr. Majestyk
65 (Hulu) Mystery Road
58 (Hulu) New World
46 (Hulu) Ninja Masters
59 (Hulu) Not Suitable for Children
70 (Hulu) On the Job
85 (Hulu) Ordinary People (Showtime add-on)
40 (Hulu) The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
39 (Hulu) Pele: Birth of a Legend (Showtime add-on)
48 (Hulu) Penelope
57 (Hulu) Possums
76 (Hulu) Radio Days
68 (Hulu) Requiem for a Dream (Showtime add-on)
64 (Hulu) Saving General Yang
53 (Hulu) Shaolin
74 (Hulu) Shark Babes (Showtime add-on)
45 (Hulu) Slightly Single in LA
47 (Hulu) Special ID
17 (Hulu) Staying Alive
59 (Hulu) The Substitute
50 (Hulu) The Substitute 2: Schools Out
46 (Hulu) The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All
46 (Hulu) The Substitute 4: Failure is not an Option
67 (Hulu) Surf’s Up
55 (Hulu) The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3 (2009)
39 (Hulu) Tai Chi Hero
52 (Hulu) Tai Chi Zero
75 (Hulu) Terminator 2: Judgement Day *CordCuttingWorld approved!
75 (Hulu) The Thieves
66 (Hulu) Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her
69 (Hulu) Top Gun *CordCuttingWorld approved!
83 (Hulu) Up in the Air
27 (Hulu) Vampire in Brooklyn
50 (Hulu) A Viking Saga: The Darkest Days
72 (Hulu) War of the Arrows
78 (Hulu) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
57 (Hulu) The Wrath of Vajra
65 (Hulu) Young Detective Dee

March 2

47 (Amazon) The Dressmaker (Amazon Original)
66 (Amazon) Emma

48 (Hulu) Last Girl Standing (Showtime add-on)

March 3

68 (Amazon) Annedroids, season four (Amazon Original)

68 (Netflix) Greenleaf: Season 1

47 (Hulu) Young Ones

March 4

34 (Netflix) Safe Haven

63 (Hulu) Out of the Furnace (Showtime add-on)
70 (Hulu) House of D

March 5

75 (Netflix) Señora Acero: Season 3

62 (Hulu) Food Chains

March 6

38 (Hulu) The Real Housewives of New York City: Complete Season 8
44 (Hulu) ChickLit
NA (Hulu) A Gamer’s Life

March 7

NA (Netflix) Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

March 8

54 (Netflix) Hands of Stone
41 (Netflix) The Waterboy

NA (Hulu) Uncensored with Michael Ware: Complete Season 1

March 9

86 (Netflix) Thithi

29 (Hulu) Burning Blue
69 (Hulu) Tom Papa: Human Mule

March 10

44 (Amazon) Hand Of God, season two (Amazon Original)

NA (Netflix) Buddy Thunderstruck: Season 1
72 (Netflix) Love: Season 2
57 (Netflix) One More Time: Season 1

80 (Netflix) Burning Sands
46 (Netflix) The Boss’ Daughter

84 (Hulu) Steven Universe: Complete Season 3

March 11

64 (Amazon) W.
67 (Amazon) Churchill’s Secret

78 (Hulu) Angie Tribeca: Complete Season 2
NA (Hulu) American Jihad (Showtime add-on)

March 13

86 (Netflix) Million Dollar Baby
46 (Netflix) Must Love Dogs

NA (Hulu) Future Baby

March 14

63 (Netflix) Disney’s Pete’s Dragon
NA (Netflix) Jim Norton: Mouthful of Shame

March 15

66 (Netflix) Disney’s The BFG
75 (Netflix) Notes on Blindness

71 (Hulu) Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: Complete Season 2
61 (Hulu) Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

March 16

84 (Amazon) Orphan Black, Season 4

76 (Netflix) Beau Sejour: Season 1

80 (Netflix) Coraline

March 17

83 (Amazon) Everybody Wants Some!!
NA (Amazon) You Are Wanted, season one (Amazon Original)

NA (Netflix) Julie’s Greenroom: Season 1
NA (Netflix) Marvel’s Iron Fist: Season 1
NA (Netflix) Samurai Gourmet: Season 1

73 (Netflix) Deidra & Laney Rob a Train
80 (Netflix) Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale
66 (Netflix) Pandora

81 (Hulu) Counterfeit Cat: Complete Season 1
85 (Hulu) Fargo: Complete Season 2
74 (Hulu) Mr. Pickles: Complete Season 2
80 (Hulu) A Bronx Tale (*Showtime)
83 (Hulu) Everybody Wants Some!!
41 (Hulu) The Truth about Emanuel

March 18

50 (Netflix) The Vampire Diaries: Season 8

46 (Netflix) Come and Find Me

March 19

49 (Hulu) Happy Birthday
63 (Hulu) The Suspect

March 20

79 (Netflix) El Reemplazante: Season 1-2

56 (Hulu) Fear Inc.

March 21

50 (Netflix) Ali & Nino
NA (Netflix) Another Forever
77 (Netflix) Evolution (2015)
87 (Netflix) Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare) (6.9 on IMDB)

66 (Hulu) Fear the Walking Dead: Complete Season 2
45 (Hulu) American Romance

March 23

72 (Amazon) Gimme Danger (Amazon Original)

68 (Netflix) How to Get Away with Murder: Season 3 (8.3 on IMDB)

71 (Netflix) Welcome to New York

March 24

NA (Amazon) An American Girl Story—Ivy & Julie 1976 (Amazon Original)

62 (Netflix) Bottersnikes & Gumbles: Season 2
58 (Netflix) Grace and Frankie: Season 3 (8.2 on IMDB)
NA (Netflix) Ingobernable: Season 1

59 (Netflix) Déjà Vu (7.0 on IMDB)
NA (Netflix) Felipe Neto: My Life Makes No Sense
68 (Netflix) Spider
68 (Netflix) The Square (2008)
NA (Netflix) The Most Hated Woman in America
83 (Netflix) Who Framed Roger Rabbit *CordCuttingWorld approved!

72 (Hulu) The Powerpuff Girls: Complete Season 1 (2016)

March 25

59 (Netflix) The Student Body
30 (Netflix) USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (5.1 on IMDB)

March 26

62 (Netflix) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

NA (Hulu) Love & Vets: Complete Season 1

March 27

78 (Netflix) Better Call Saul: Season 2 (8.7 on IMDB)

33 (Hulu) Skinwalkers

March 28

78 (Netflix) Archer: Season 7 (8.8 on IMDB)

NA (Netflix) Jo Koy: Live from Seattle

78 (Hulu) Archer: Complete Season 7 (8.8 on IMDB)

March 29

70 (Amazon) A Man Called Ove

80 (Hulu) Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Complete Season 2

March 30

64 (Netflix) Life in Pieces: Season 1

March 31

NA (Netflix) 13 Reasons Why: Season 1
46 (Netflix) Bordertown: Season 1
72 (Netflix) The Carmichael Show: Seasons 1-2
61 (Netflix) Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life: Season 1
78 (Netflix) Dinotrux: Season 4
71 (Netflix) Five Came Back
37 (Netflix) Rosewood: Season 1 (6.4 on IMDB)
85 (Netflix) Trailer Park Boys: Season 11

50 (Netflix) FirstBorn
75 (Netflix) GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
58 (Netflix) The Discovery (7.5 on IMDB)

37 (Hulu) Dangerous Curves
70 (Hulu) Disgraced (Showtime add-on)

Amazon – http://www.avclub.com/article/heres-whats-coming-amazon-prime-march-250828
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Hulu – http://www.vulture.com/2017/02/whats-new-on-hulu-march-2017.html

StrongVPN – Working again to Unblock US Netflix – March 2017

We’ve gotten word directly from StrongVPN (that’s our coupon code, explained below) that their service is working to connect to American Netflix again! That means if you’re anywhere outside the US, you can connect through a Strong server inside the US and stream shows/movies that are only available there. According to Netflixable.com, there are currently 6,407 shows/movies on Netflix USA, and 5,089 on Netflix Canada.

(Updated 2/27) Verified working by CheckFlix:

You can use the desktop app (that’s what I do), browser plugin, iphone/ android apps, etc.; or you can set your router up for VPN (even just for the Netflix site), so whatever you use to watch from your home network including Smart TVs, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc. will work as well. Just follow the instructions on their Setup page.They’re currently running a deal for $2.91/month if you buy 12 months (41% off) instead of the usual $5/month. Get the coupon price through our code here: http://strongvpn.com?offer_id=4&aff_id=2705

We use it for more

I’ve been using StrongVPN ever since Netflix started cracking down on the various Smart DNS tools, not letting people get American Netflix by simply using an American DNS (though you get StrongDNS for free when you buy StrongVPN, in case they ever allow it again). Since then, I’ve realized I use it for a lot more than just streaming shows, but any time I don’t quite trust the site I’m on or don’t want tracked. For example, there are plenty of perfectly legal torrents that companies put out to cheaply distribute their software, but it’s definitely best to connect to any peer-to-peer network using a VPN for complete security (leave a comment if anyone is interested in my best practices there). The possibilities are endless though, as I’ve learned to buy airline tickets from cheaper locations (StrongDNS shines here, instantly switching countries), watch region-locked videos (especially on YouTube), and see what sites look like from different locations, for example:Via buzzfeed https://www.buzzfeed.com/ellievhall/19insert-word-here-differences-between-time-magazine-us-and

It’s a great feeling to have complete control over where sites see you as coming from, and mask your home IP from any snooping organizations or cybercriminals. Now that we’re assured that StrongVPN is connecting to the American version of Netflix for everyone (they have both Los Angeles and New York options, we use LA), it’s time you check them out as well. There’s even a 5 day money back guarantee, so you can make sure it works. This is our partner link so they know we sent you and give you the deal: http://strongvpn.com?offer_id=4&aff_id=2705

90210 – All Seasons – In Order

This is a post for the new 90210 series in 2008-2013, not the 1990-1999 “Beverly Hills: 90210.” Also, it’s all numbers because it’s a zip code, not “nine oh two one oh” or “9o21o” as people have actually asked 😂. If you are actually looking for the classic show, it’s not on Netflix, but Season 1 is free with Amazon Prime:

90210 Season 1 free with Amazon Prime
Nostalgia alert: Season 1 of the classic 90210 is free with Amazon Prime

Previously the Netflix version was confusing because two episodes in Season 1 were labelled “disc only” – but in fact no episodes are missing. Instead, they are combined into the first episode:

Episode 1 is “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore / The Jet Set”, and fortunately they’ve gotten rid of the other two.
  • Season 1: In Order

  • Seasons 2 – 5: In Order

Update 4/22/15:
We’re getting lots of comments asking for Season 5 of 90210, but on our (US) Netflix, Season 5 is showing up fine and in order:

If you’re missing Season 5 in another region, here’s the solution we’re using to connect to any region’s Netflix.

Update 9/19/14: All Seasons have been added to Netflix Instant and are In Order. It lists Season 1 as “1,4,5,6…” instead of “1,2,3,4…” but have no fear, all episodes are in the right order. This completes 90210 as all episodes are online and working fine.

Update 9/24/12: Season 4 has been added to Netflix Instant.

Update 2/12/17: All seasons are still up and in order in the US. Again, if you’re not seeing you, you probably need US Netflix. We updated that they removed the “disc only” We’re Not in Kansas Anymore / The Jet Set episodes, so everything is in order. Also Season 1 of the classic 90210 is free with Prime.

How to Download Netflix Shows/Movies to an SD Card

Usually I don’t watch Netflix on a phone or tablet’s small screen, so it’s been a little while since I even opened the app. So it was a nice surprise today when I finally updated my app and noticed something great:


  • SD Card support*. New “Download Location” app setting that lets you control where to save downloaded content: Internal Storage or SD Card (new permission requested)
  • Bug fixes
    *This feature is not available on all devices.

You probably already heard that Netflix has been allowing some downloads to your devices so you can watch them later, such as on a plane or over slow connections. This change makes it much better to actually use your phone/tablet to watch videos, because you don’t have to fill up the on-board memory which is usually smaller and already pretty full. Now instead you can use a relatively cheap SD card to hold it in addition to your device’s regular memory storage. (They’re currently 32 gigs for only $10-$12, and 64 gigs for $24.99, the 128 gig monster pictured above is $56.33 currently!).

How to Set it Up

It’s pretty easy to set up. Just download the latest version of the Netflix app, and after opening it, and set the SD Card as your download location (that’s what this update allows, so you no longer have to move them manually!). Click the download button on the show/movie that you want on your card (pictured above in “The Crown” screenshot).
Note: Not all shows are available, Netflix Originals are and many more are being added each week.

And if your phone or tablet doesn’t have a slot for an SD or SD Mini (both work), you might have made a mistake in purchasing something that you can’t cheaply expand the memory of! SD Cards are not only great for watching movies on a plane, but saving all your pictures there by default – allowing you to remove it and download your pictures any time even if your phone dies or breaks.