New Request Thread – Vote for Your Fix!

Update: We’ll start with Dirty Jobs. Keep voting for the rest of the order after that.
Update2: Dirty Jobs is finished. Looks like we’ll fix Sliders next, then The Office.

Which out of order show should we fix next?

We’re starting a brand new request thread after the epic task that was figuring out Mythbusters! This is a test of using a poll to decide which order to fix shows in based on the requests we’ve gotten so far. Vote for as many fixes as you want above, and if you don’t see a show that needs its order fixed, leave a comment below and we’ll add it.
You can also now email tips [at] netflixfixer [dot] com to tell us about shows that are out of order, suggest an article, or just tell us about the site.

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23 thoughts on “New Request Thread – Vote for Your Fix!”

  1. Well, it's May 2016 and Whale Song (seaQuest season 1 episode 15) is still missing…maybe there's concern about the content of that episode and Netflix has no intention to add it?

  2. the whale song episode of seaquest remains missing since the original report of it in 2013. i noticed because i got to the middle of season 2 and noticed that the hamburger subplot of that episode hadn't yet occurred yet the character had already been written out of the series. 🙁

  3. I noticed this in season 7 of Frasier. The last episode of the season is actually episode 15 on Netflix. Season 8 continues saying "Previously on Frasier" and it's not at all what the last episode was. This show is completely out of order.

  4. @anon, I checked it out and it seems to be in order – "Cabin" then "A Father's Love", and I made sure they were the right episodes. Maybe they fixed it, or it's an issue on your specific device (I'm on PC).

  5. The futurama movies that were added into the series are out of order. Should go benders big score, beast with a billion backs, benders game, then into the green yonder

  6. Seaquest DSV is missing at least one episode, "Whale Song", from season one.

    Also, I've determined there are a couple of duplicated episodes of "Emergency!", though the dupes are labeled with the correct episode name, just the wrong video.

  7. Magnum P.I. episode S2:E11 "Mad Buck Gibson" actually plays S2:E9 "Tropical Madness". But S2:E9 also plays S2:E9 so there's an episode missing somewhere.

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