New Blog! Stop watching Netflix episodes out of order!

This is a blog spawned from the frustration we’ve had finding the correct order of Netflix TV show episodes when they are out of order. For example, we were watching Whale Wars, Season 3 streaming on Netflix, and realized that one episode a certain boat was sinking, then in the next episode, that boat was just fine, then it had sunk a long time ago, etc. It turns out the correct order to watch the show in was: 9, 2, 11, 12, 3, 8, 7, 6, 4, 1, 5, 10, 13 – completely random, hard to find online, and incredibly hard to figure out on your own without spoiling all of the important plot elements of the story since they were labelled as the correct episodes! Then we watched The Tudors, Season 2, and they were all out of order as well.

We decided that the best way to remedy the situation would be an easily searchable blog which contains no spoilers(!) about the episode contents. By quickly searching the left bar of NetflixFixer, you can see if the show you’re about to watch is out of order, and find the correct order to watch it in. If you find a show that’s out of order that we don’t know about, leave a comment on a recent topic, or email tips [at] netflixfixer [dot] com, and we’ll get it posted in it’s own section. If you find an order correction, post it in the comments for that show, and we’ll investigate and/or check the majority decision and update the main post.

Many people ask why we don’t simply click the “Report a problem” link on Netflix and leave it at that. When we reported on The Tudors, Netflix took the whole show down making it “disc only.” This makes it impossible to stream the show even if you do know the correct order, and is especially bad after the streaming and disc plans for Netflix were disconnected from eachother. I don’t mind if this blog becomes completely unnecessary because the shows are all fixed – and hopefully someone at Netflix can see the correct order here and simply plug them in – but until that happens we’ll keep posting the correct orders here so that people don’t inadvertently jump into the wrong episode and find out that a character is dead, people got divorced, the aliens have been repelled, etc. Get started by loading up on your smartphone right before you start a new show on Netflix. Check the left column for your show, and leave a comment!

UPDATE: As of September 4th, 2012, has been upgraded to! We are hard at work adding shows based on your requests and will continue to post them. Stay updated by following us on Twitter @NetflixFixer, Facebook, and subscribing to our RSS feed.

All Netflix content, and the Netflix logo are property of Netflix! This blog is not associated with them, and anything said here should not be taken as such. We are a group of Netflix fans trying to make it easier for other people to enjoy the instant streaming experience on Netflix, and hope it plays an ever-increasing role compared to cable/TV in the future.

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57 thoughts on “New Blog! Stop watching Netflix episodes out of order!”

  1. I'm watching them too and some are missing but others are out of order and when he leaps at the end, some episodes has the same leaps.It's So confusing, I wish netflix would just fix it!

  2. Dirty jobs 8th season episode 4 Horse tester will stop to a still frame ,but you can hear the show sound still continue like its playing normal ? When you move the frame line it will start playing fine, then in like 10 seconds right back to still frame? Anyone know what's up? Thanx��

  3. Hey I tried looking for a place to let you know when we found episodes that are out of order on Netflix. I've seen all five seasons of Ghost Whisperer a million times and in season four, episodes 15 and 16 are switched. It should be Greek Tragedy then Ghost Busted, just thought I'd let you know.

  4. So Being Human Season 1 (U.S version) is OUT OF ORDER!!!
    According to imdb the correct order of the episodes are:
    1)There Goes The Neighborhood pt 1
    2)There Goes the Neighborhood pt 2
    3)Something to Watch Over Me
    4)Wouldn't It Be Nice
    5)The End of the World as We Knew It
    6)It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong
    7)I See Your True Colors and That's Why I Hate You
    8)Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things
    9)I Want You Back (From the Dead)
    10)Dog Eat Dog
    11)Going Dutch
    12)You're the One That I Haunt
    13)A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You

  5. I need your help about Quantum Leap. I do not know why that is out of Order. There are at least four episodes that I should have seen but did not due to it skipping to a different story. I missed the priest, the disco dancer, the stripper, & the motorcyle biker. Please Help!

  6. Bomb Girls is out of order. Not sure what order they should be in, but I do know that episode 3 is actually the season finale! It's too late for me now, I've accidentally seen the end too soon, but save yourselves before it is too late.

  7. Please fix Lost Girl season 2. I watched the first episode thinking it was the first episode of the season and I ended up watching the season finale!!! What the heck?? lol

  8. lost girl season 2 is out of order. the titles are in the correct order but what they play isn't correct. the descriptions are correct, ironically the last episode's description starts with – in this season's opener…

  9. yea i tryed watching lost girl as well, its very out of order, cant figure out what the correct order is either since it looks like the show names are correct but the content played is not.

  10. Quantum Leap is out of order and there are a few episodes missing including the last episode "Mirror Image" and a lot of the first season;I found this out by searching IMDB.

    Has anyone else noticed that Beverly Hills 90210 is missing the 'big' episodes (Brenda's false pregnancy, Scotts death, Dylan's fathers death)?

    Season Two:
    Episode 1 (Beach Blanket Brandon)
    Episode 6 (Pass/Not Pass)
    Episode 8 (Wild Fire)
    Episode 14 (The Next 50 Years)

    Season 3
    Episode 21 (Dead End)

    I was a huge fan of the show and watched it numerous times as a kid, so I knew the plotlines that were coming and the climax episodes… and they aren't there. The episodes aren't out of order, they are just… not there at all. If someone can let me know if its just my account, that would be awesome.

  12. It's Always Sunny is out of order.
    I'm pretty sure Peep Show is too.
    If American Horror Story is out of order, then that will confuse many people!

    I don't understand why Netflix has issues with their organization of episodes. It can't possibly be that complicated. They should hire new IT people, or just find someone who can read and count.

  13. Just got hit with Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2. The Last episode is a two parter titled "The Secrets of the Fire Nation". This episode was originally two episodes called, "The Serpent's Pass" and "The Drill" and should have occured after episode 11, "The Desert". Later episodes make reference to these episodes, but it just caused some confusion but didn't stop the story. I think Nickleodian packed these epsiodes as an Avatar special which may explain why these two episodes are treated as one. So after episode 11 – "The desert" forward to the last Netflix episode titled "Secrets of the Fire Nation" and watch both parts, then jump back to episode 12 "City of Walls and Secrets" and you're good to go.

  14. The UK version of The Office has the 2 Christmas specials, Part I and Part II, listed as being in the first season, when they should be listed as after season one.

  15. Bh 90210 is missing a bunch of episodes in season 6, and are missing a few in others. I noticed the nanny was out of order too.

  16. The following shows all have episodes that are out of order:
    Retired at 35
    The Exes
    The Game (Pilot is missing)

  17. It seems like there is an episode missing between Season 4 Episode 20 "One Giant Leap" (on Netflix)and the Christmas episode that I was able to find on the SyFy website. Does anyone know if that is correct…or if they just skipped over what actually happened to the Astraeus crew?

  18. The show Frasier has many episodes entirely missing, but this might have to do with Netflix not having the rights to them rather than the order being rearranged. Doctor Who was also missing seemingly random episodes when I last watched it several months ago.

  19. For the show Earth 2, the last several episodes available appear to be out of order. I would guess that episodes 19 and 21 should be reversed, and 20 should have been far earlier in the season though I'm not sure where.

  20. I've seen this on a lot of anime. Right now I'm watching Blood+ and it appears to show two seasons as season one, so there's two episodes labeled S1E1 but with different titles. I've found descriptions to be accurate so I googled an episode list and I've been going by that. They really need a function to fix it even if you can just rearrange things in your own profile.

  21. Early Edition Seasons 2 & 3 have episodes in incorrect order. Plus … Season 3 Episode 21 & 23 are the exact same episode. There must be one missing somewhere? AHHHHHH

  22. Well after the Xbox 360 Update Netflix updated there app for it and I noticed Mythbusters so I thought I would watch the show again. But the episodes are out of order and it seems that a large amount of episodes are missing. And now I just started watching Dirty Jobs and the first episode they show is from late in Season 2 -.- ….

    How long has this been going on?

  23. i just noticed burn notice season three is out of order too, the second episode is actually the first of the season, but im not sure about the rest…

  24. Beverly Hills 90210 has a few mistakes too – one being that what is supposed to be episode 24 of season 2 is just actually a second copy of episode 16.

  25. i just started watching season three. i tried episode 9 first, like you said, but it was NOT the first episode. it started off "last time on WW" and there's already two new boats. wtf

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