Netflix Outage – Feb 3 2015

Update, 4:29pm PST, US: Netflix is starting to come back up for us, though it’s really laggy.

Netflix currently seems to be down. Is It Down Right Now, always found to the right under “Is Netflix Down?” currently says the service is “up” but shows the last outage 0 seconds ago. We still can’t get to Netflix, though we expect it to bounce back quickly.

We’ll update this post when it’s back up, and you can also follow the conversation on Reddit: [link]

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18 thoughts on “Netflix Outage – Feb 3 2015”

  1. It was only down for like 30min to an hour but glad to see that no one has a life and if netfilx goes down for 5 min people cant live hahahah maybe you should wait to see if it goes down for a few days before you start talking about paying for the service and refunding money cause its back up and you now look like a dumbass

  2. Actually it is ridiculous because if you're spending money on a service such as Netflix you expect for the service that you paid for to be working. It's just common sense and good business.

  3. It is down for me, too. It doesn't happen often for me, so I can't really complain. But, hurry up Netflix pretty please? Dying to see what happens next!

  4. this is not ridiculous…only if you believe that your little world needs to be perfect and everyone is supposed to cater to that fantasy.

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