Mythbusters – Season 6

Season 6 Correct Order:
Ep 1: “James Bond Special: Part 1” missing (link)
Ep 2: S4E6 (link)
Ep 3: S4E7 (link)
Ep 4: “James Bond Special: Part 2” missing (link)
Ep 5: “Viewers Special 2” missing (link)
Ep 6: S4E8 (link)
Ep 7: S5E1 (link)
Ep 8: “Shark Week Special 2” missing
Ep 9: S5E2 (link)
Ep 10: S4E9 (link)
Ep 11: S4E10 (link)
Ep 12: “Phonebook Friction” missing (link)
Ep 13: S4E12 (link)
Ep 14: S5E3 (link)
Ep 15: S5E4 (link)
Ep 16: S5E5 (link)
Ep 17: S5E6 (link)
Ep 18: S5E7 (link)
Ep 19: S5E8 (link)
Ep 20: S6E10 (link)

“(link)” = Available for free on Amazon streaming with Amazon Prime membership, or for $1.99 each without (Prime is worth shelling out the money for though). We’ve included an affiliate link to each episode on Amazon, but they should be free as long as you are a Prime member.

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  1. Phone book friction as well as both James Bond specials are on Netflix. The Bond specials are in the Big Blasts collection. I don't recall what season phoneBook friction is in, but I know for a fact it's on Netflix.

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