Mythbusters – Season 5

As with the other seasons of Mythbusters, there are so many missing episodes on Netflix that we highly recommend watching this series on Amazon instant stream, free with Prime membership (Amazon links below). Even if you don’t need to watch Mythbusters in order, you should still see the full show!

Season 5 Correct Order:
Ep 1: S2E12 (link)
Ep 2: S2E11 (link)
Ep 3: S2E13 (link)
Ep 4: “Speed Cameras” missing (link)
Ep 5: “Dog Myths” missing (link)
Ep 6: “Myths Redux” missing (link)
Ep 7: “Voice Flame Extinguisher” missing (link)
Ep 8: “Birds in a Truck” missing (link)
Ep 9: S4E1 (link)
Ep 10: S4E2 (link)
Ep 11: S4E3 (link)
Ep 12: “Grenades and Guts” missing (link)
Ep 13: “Snow Special” missing (link)
Ep 14: “Baseball Myths” missing (link)
Ep 15: “Viewer’s Special” missing (link)
Ep 16: “Red Rag to a Bull” missing (link)
Ep 17: S4E5 (link)
Ep 18: “Myth Revolution” missing (link)
Ep 19: “Trail Blazers” missing (link)
Ep 20: “Exploding Water Heater” missing (link)
Ep 21: “Super Sized Myths!” missing
Ep 22: “Shooting Fish in a Barrel” missing
Ep 23: “Pirates 2!” missing (link)
Ep 24: “Confederate Steam Gun” missing (link)
Ep 25: “Airplane Hour” missing (link)

“(link)” = Available for free on Amazon streaming with Amazon Prime membership, or for $1.99 each without (Prime is worth shelling out the money for though). We’ve included an affiliate link to each episode on Amazon, but they should be free as long as you are a Prime member.

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