How-To: How to Watch Netflix and Hulu Without Country Restrictions

Important Update: This space has been updated from suggesting a few browser plugins. The problem with these plugins is that they often get bought out by scammy sites and start using your connection for nefarious purposes. We now support Unblock-Us instead, which has a free week, then for $5/month you can access Netflix and other streaming sites from any country you choose. There were just too many problems with other DNS services hijacking people’s connections, and we don’t want to be a part of that. If you want to check out Unblock-Us, we would appriciate if you use our link to tell them we sent you. Thanks: Unblock-Us

There is a new, easy to use, and free add-on for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to watch Netflix and Hulu content without restrictions based on which country you’re viewing from.

Just go to the link and click “Start Using” to install an add-on to your browser to get around the restrictions. This uses MediaHint’s VPN within your browser, easily accessing the services as if you were in the US.

Alternate Methods

Update: Firefox users can also install Anonymoux, which seems to do about the same thing as mediahint, and is also very simple to install.

If you aren’t using Chrome or Firefox (and can’t just install Chrome to watch Netflix in), you can still get around the restrictions by installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network). What that does is accesses the site through another person’s connection, making it look like you are in their location. Two things to watch out for with VPN services though – first, they can be laggy as you are dependent on the other location’s connection, and second, searching for “Netflix VPN” or similar will get you a lot of spam for affiliate links to services like “HideMyAss” or others. Setting up articles just to make money recommending users to a service does not mean the author has actually looked into the issue and found the best solution.

Another, possibly better solution is through a DNS-based service. With these, your home’s router will forward only Netflix traffic to another IP. This means that devices like the Roku Player, Apple TV, etc. will be able to use it; and only when accessing Netflix/Hulu. It is more complicated to set up and may cost money though. Here is more info about using DNS to access Netflix and Hulu.

Update 2: If you’re having problems accessing a site, like Comedy Central from outside America to watch a show, Hola is a quick and simple solution. Just download it, and unblock videos that “aren’t available in your country”.

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  1. Thanks for the article. VPN is good if you want to hide your real location. However, about content streaming, I prefer the DNS option. Currently, I am using UnoTelly and have no speed loss which allows me HD streaming with my 10mbps connection.

  2. Will the Wii U work. im in the republic of Ireland.

    The original Wii works fine, its the Wii U that wont work

    Help please

  3. seems to work, it is weird tho that deactivated i can stream "house of lies & stardust" but activated i cannot stream those two, as if they're not available in the US.

  4. I cannot, for the life of me, get this to work. I have followed the instructions on the videos, used old codes and new codes. It always comes back telling me "unable to connect". I'm getting so frustrated with this. Has anyone else had theirs problem?

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