How-To: Automatically Continue to the Next Episode on Netflix

FanaticalFoxBoy’s Netflix Auto-Continue Bot

If you’re like me, you’ve been laying in bed, watching a show on Netflix and had to get up just to click the “Continue watching?” pop-up to go to the next episode. Fortunately FanaticalFoxBoy on Reddit has written a tool to automatically detect when this pop-up message is displayed and click the button for you!

As this is a Python script, it only works on PC, and it’s an early release that only works fullscreen – but we’re not complaining – Auto-Continue Bot is awesome! Download version 0.1.1 here. From this thread on Reddit.

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3 thoughts on “How-To: Automatically Continue to the Next Episode on Netflix”

  1. How do I use/install this, I just get the message
    " This program is used by Python's os.popen function to work around a limitation in windows 95/98. It is not designed to be used as a stand-alone program."

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