Happy Trees Come to Netflix – Where to Watch Bob Ross Episodes

Bob Ross comes to Netflix US today!

His teachings are eternal. His hair is immovable. He is Bob Ross. #BeautyIsEverywhere https://t.co/PCBk9M9LUO

— Netflix US (@netflix) June 1, 2016

But which episodes are these? We looked them up:

Bob Ross – “Beauty is Everywhere” – Collection 1 on Netflix:
S20 E06 – Cliffside
S21 E07 – Wilderness Cabin
S21 E01 – Valley View
S22 E07 – Dimensions
S22 E08 – Deep Wilderness Home
S20 E11 – Change of Seasons
S22 E11 – Pastel Seascape
S20 E10 – Wintertime Blues
S21 E04 – Serenity
S22 E13 – Silent Forest
S23 E01 – Frosty Winter Morn
S21 E03 – Royal Majesty
S20 E09 – Winter Paradise
S23 E03 – Mountain Ridge Lake
S21 E02 – Tranquil Dawn
S23 E11 – Frozen Beauty in Vignette
S20 E10 – Days Gone By
S23 E13 – Winter Bliss
S21 E06 – Mountain Rhapsody
S23 E02 – Forest Edge
S20 E08 – Old Oak Tree
S23 E12 – Crimson Tide
S21 E05 – Cabin at Trail’s End
S20 E07 – Autumn Fantasy
S22 E12 – Country Creek
S22 E09 – Haven in the Valley
* “S20 E06” = Season 20, Episode 6

Bob Ross – “The Joy of Painting”

Seasons 20-24 Free with Amazon Prime:
Season 20 – Missing episode 1
Season 21 – All episodes
Season 22 – All episodes
Season 23 – All episodes
Season 24 – All episodes
*Affiliate links show Amazon we sent you, but they’re still free.

Seasons 20-25 with Hulu subscription:
Seasons 20 – 25 – All episodes

Seasons 1-14 free on YouTube, official channel:
Seasons 1-13 – All episodes
Season 14 – It looks like the official Bob Ross is currently uploading Season 14, and will probably continue with 15-19. You can find 14 in their recent uploads that haven’t been added to a playlist yet.

Seasons 15-19, and 26-31 are not currently available anywhere officially, but you can search for the episode you’re looking for on YouTube and usually find a low quality upload. All seasons are also available on DVD from bobross.com, along with the official paints, brushes, etc.

Here’s an Imgur album of the finished paintings from every episode: http://imgur.com/a/mIkmj

The reason we’re so excited about this is that we started painting along with Bob Ross after seeing all his episodes streaming on Twitch. We bought the gear and had a great time painting together, with more to come. Here’s our Bob Ross collection so far:

First painting! Season 23, Episode 11 – Frozen Beauty in Vignette
#2: Season 6, Episode 4 – Whispering Stream
#3: Season 31, Episode 11 – Lake at the Ridge w/ Steve Ross
Latest: Season 27, Episode 1 – Twilight Beauty

Happy Painting!

Update: We just finished our 5th Bob Ross painting, Season 2 Episode 4, Shades of Grey! Bob painted this after a fan told him he was color blind and couldn’t discern the colors. Again, all the Season 1-14 episodes are available free on the official Ross YouTube.

Season 2, Episode 4 – Shades of Grey


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