Futurama: Season 5

Update: 7/25/2017 Unfortunately as of July 2017, only seasons 7-10 of Futurama are on Netflix now. This often happens when shows are badly out of order, and that’s why we sometimes suggest not reporting order issues to Netflix, because rather than fix it, sometimes they make it disappear. It’s not on Hulu, so the only way to watch is to buy it on Amazon – Season 5 here.

UPDATE: These episodes have been fixed by Netflix, Season 5 is all available as of 11/8/2013.

Season 5 aired 4 movies in 4 parts each on TV. Unfortunately, Netflix only shows the first of 4 parts of each of them (they were probably confused about there only being 4 ‘titles’ in the Season). The full movies are on Netflix, but are DVD-Only. If you watch one of these episodes, you will be left hanging with a major cliffhanger, and no 2nd-4th parts of each movie to watch!(update)

Season 5:
1-4 “Bender’s Big Score”
5-8 “The Best with a Billion Bucks” 
9-12 “Bender’s Game”
13-16 “Into the Wild Green Yonder”

Since it’s missing on Netflix, you can buy it on Amazon Instant Video by clicking this affiliate link to let them know we sent you: [link]

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One thought on “Futurama: Season 5”

  1. The Futurama movies have been available for instant stream on Netflix for some time, but they are out of order. They are currently listed as Season Six in the following order

    S6: E1 – Bender's Big Score (correct order)
    S6: E2 – Bender's Game (supposed to be S6: E3)
    S6: E3 – Into the Wild Green Yonder (supposed to be S6: E4)
    S6: E4 – The Beast with a Billion Backs (supposed to be S6: E2)

    The events of Bender's Big Score are directly applicable to the plot of Beast with a Billion Backs. Furthermore, the first episode in Season Seven (Rebirth) picks up immediately following the events of Into the Wild Green Yonder.

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