Futurama: Season 1

Update: 7/25/2017 Unfortunately as of July 2017, only seasons 7-10 of Futurama are on Netflix now. This often happens when shows are badly out of order, and that’s why we sometimes suggest not reporting order issues to Netflix, because rather than fix it, sometimes they make it disappear. It’s not on Hulu, so the only way to watch is to buy it on Amazon – Season 1 here.

We have endeavored to finally find the correct order for all of Futurama on Netflix streaming. While Season 1 simply spills over into Season 2, by the time we get to Season 3 you’ll see that it is completely out of order, and that most of Season 5 is missing. Futurama is a show that you can get away with watching some of them out of order, but is much better if you watch it generally in order since there are lots of internal references, and there’s no point in watching the first part of the movies if the end of the movie isn’t available to stream (in Season 5). It’s also good to know where the season finales are, instead of thinking the middle of the season was the end.

Season 1:
Episodes 1-9
S2E1 – S2E4

S2E1 = Season 2, Episode 1 on Netflix.

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