Fringe Season 5 was accidentally posted on Netflix Instant

Lots of people were left wondering what happened to the recently posted Fringe Season 5; well it turns out they had accidentally posted it before they had permission from the studios, and took it back down. We’re hoping they can officially post it very soon (they obviously have it ready to go).

Thanks to HookNorton and tapangalovesyou on Reddit for getting to the bottom of this.

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9 thoughts on “Fringe Season 5 was accidentally posted on Netflix Instant”

  1. I was watching last night Season 5 – and wanted to see what happens with The little boy after Oliva saved him- I had enough BAD CRAP happen to me within the past month- This was my ONLY release to get away from my sadness – and I mean the ONLY thing that left me relaxed and ok at the end of the night. Now its GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its a Must watch, I have watched every single episode – even watched 4 or 5 a day.

    After my dad died 3 weeks ago, and then Me getting ill with internal stuff( possible terminal ) And then 2 fur kids dying, and a friend at the vets office died1 week ago. Its been very bad lately. And this show just made it all go away- everything went on hold. So Don't care who needs to get permission from where, but It needs to be back- I need this to be at least 3/4s- of a whole right now.

  2. Hi, September has come and went and still no Fringe series 5, why would Netflix give a date if they can't for fill that promise… Not Happy!!!!

  3. hello, I was hoping you can tell me when fringe seasion 5 will be on Netflix in the UK. there is still no sign of it even when people are saying it should of been by the 12th of Sept. please let me know :0).

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