Drake & Josh – Season 1

Update 9/22/2014: Drake & Josh was removed from Netflix streaming, probably because it was so badly out of order, which you can see below.

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Thanks to anonymous for letting us know the Drake & Josh is badly out of order on Netflix. Here is Season 1, with the rest of the seasons coming soon.

Season 1:
Ep 1: Pilot “Hug Me, Brother” missing [link]
Ep 2: “Dune Buggy” missing [link]
Ep 3: S1E1
Ep 4: S1E2
Ep 5: S1E3
Ep 6: “Grammy” missing 

* [link] = link to watch on Amazon Instant for episodes that aren’t on Netflix. They may be free with Amazon Prime at different times, otherwise they cost $1.99.

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9 thoughts on “Drake & Josh – Season 1”

  1. Please put drake and josh back on Netflix. I loved watching it as a kid. No one really cared about the order of the episodes growing up. It was such a funny show and it helped me from a bad day at school. Please put it back on Netflix. It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I don't even like watching Netflix anymore, because Drake & Josh isn't even on there anymore. How dare you take my favorite show off Netflix?!

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