Drake & Josh – Removed from Netflix

We previously listed the corrected orders for Drake & Josh, which was badly out of order and missing episodes from Netflix. Unfortunately Netflix decided that it was too embarrassing to have it so badly out of order, so they simply removed the entire show from Netflix streaming. This has happened a few times in the past, specifically with The Tudors, and quite a few Discovery shows.

Because of this, we suggest that you simply report out of order shows here and elsewhere instead of reporting it to Netflix. At least it we share the right order here you have the chance to watch it, instead of reporting it to them and having them remove the show completely. Of course they have also fixed issues in the past when they were reported, so it’s up to you.

Our old posts with the hilariously out of order episodes of Drake & Josh:
Season 1
Season 2

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12 thoughts on “Drake & Josh – Removed from Netflix”

  1. why does it matter if the episodes are out of order?caus we still love the show no matter what and why did you take the movie off too!!!

  2. Please put Drake and Josh back on Netflix, a lot of kids and teens watch it and a lot of people might only watch Drake and Josh. It's legit my favourite show!

  3. I really do want Drake and Josh back on Netflix and I want all the episodes on the missing episodes of Drake and Josh are the Pilot episode, Dune Buggy, Grammy, Guitar, Blues Brothers, Driver's License, Number 1 Fan, The Gary Grill, and The Drake And Josh Inn

  4. i am 13 years old and i watched drake and josh with my little brother we watched it all day and it was the only thing he watched so can you please put it back on united kingdom netflix he is always crying please put it back on

  5. We want Drake and josh back on netflix… its the best show ever. We don't care if the show is not completed. But that's like the only thing that i watch on netflix. Plz put it back!!!

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