Disney Movies Coming to Netflix 2013

Netflix has signed a deal with Disney to show “high profile” direct-to-video movies starting in 2013, and full theatrical releases starting in 2016. This is a big score for the service, as I’m sure Amazon and Hulu will be shut out of any such deals.

More info at The Next Web.

UPDATE (12/5): The Verge has posted that this is a Netflix exclusive even from services like HBO and Showtime. (link)

UPDATE 2 (12/6): I guess it starts now, as Disney movies are starting to pop up very quickly:

(Title, Release Year, Instant Watch Release Date, If HD, Runtime)

Source: http://instantwatcher.com/

If you have any problems searching for these new Netflix releases on your Xbox/Apple-TV/etc, add it to your queue via the website and view it from the queue. They seem to be having some trouble with the new roll-outs.

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