Dirty Jobs – Season 6

Similar to Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs is completely out of order, and missing many episodes. Therefore, we have chosen to link to Amazon streaming where the episodes are available, and free (and without commercials) if you have Amazon Prime. Wikipedia, IMDB, and Amazon all list the same order, but cut the seasons off at different times; we are using IMDB’s list.

Season 6 Correct Order:
Ep 1: “Animal Control Specialist” S6E7 (link)
Ep 2: “Cricket Farmer” S6E8 (link)
Ep 3: “Chicken Busters” S7E10 (link)
Ep 4: “Soo Locks Technician”S6E9 (link)
Ep 5: “Concrete Finisher” S7E8 (link)
Ep 6: “Bone Black” missing (link)
Ep 7: “Tight Spaces 2” missing
Ep 8: “Crew Unemployment” missing
Ep 9: “The Dirty Truth” missing

“(link)” = Available for free on Amazon streaming with Amazon Prime membership, or for $1.99 each without (Prime is worth shelling out the money for though). We’ve included a referral link to each episode on Amazon, but they should be free as long as you are a Prime member.

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