CordCuttingWorld Still Supports Net Neutrality

You might have noticed we had a big pop-up sign up to call your representatives about Net Neutrality:
We received some feedback that it’s not too relevant for many of the Canadians who visit the site, and so we took it down. CordCuttingWorld still supports Net Neutrality though and we hope you’ll make your voice be heard by calling in:

Even for people in other countries, try to pay some attention to the US internet issues because they may be coming your way next. As avid streamers this is especially important to us: we can’t imagine paying for tiered internet access, having our data sold to the highest bidder, and losing network speed even more than our current lagging infrastructure. Please do your part and make sure your representative knows this is an important issue to you, because the FCC thinks they can slip this by while no one is watching.

We defeated SOPA, we defeated PIPA, and we have to defeat this. Thanks.


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