Top Gear (UK) – Season 16

Top Gear is mostly in order, but missing quite a few episodes and specials. For those watching the newer material, there is some especially confusing labels:

This is Episode 6 – not “Ep. 7”

Season 16:
(USA Road Trip: Season 15, Ep. 7)*
Middle East Special, 
Ep 1 – 6 In Order,
Ep 7 missing
Ep 8 missing

*Some sites list “USA Road Trip” as the first episode of Season 16, but it is available as the least episode #7 of Season 15.

Unfortunately Amazon Instant Video is also missing episodes 7 and 8, but the same Episodes are available there in HD, free with Amazon Prime: Episode 1 – Top Gear (UK), Season 16 [HD]

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