Top Gear (UK) – Season 17

Top Gear (UK) Season 17 is in order. There may be some confusion because, according to IMDB, the last episode “India Special” is actually the first episode of Season 18. Hopefully this means they’ll be adding Season 18!

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Top Gear (UK) – Season 16

Top Gear is mostly in order, but missing quite a few episodes and specials. For those watching the newer material, there is some especially confusing labels:

This is Episode 6 – not “Ep. 7”

Season 16:
(USA Road Trip: Season 15, Ep. 7)*
Middle East Special, 
Ep 1 – 6 In Order,
Ep 7 missing
Ep 8 missing

*Some sites list “USA Road Trip” as the first episode of Season 16, but it is available as the least episode #7 of Season 15.

Unfortunately Amazon Instant Video is also missing episodes 7 and 8, but the same Episodes are available there in HD, free with Amazon Prime: Episode 1 – Top Gear (UK), Season 16 [HD]

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